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The energy of creativity.

The stunning tiger lilies have made their debut! They grow on tall stems and can be seen from quite the distance. But when you can, look at them up close. They bring an amazing energy! 

Their bright orange petals curl back fully revealing their golden yellow center with just a slight tinge of red creating the most beautiful blending of colors. 

And right down the center of each petal is a narrow yellow line that looks like it was painted on precisely. This beautiful blossom asks to be looked at like a work of art. Take a moment and do this. Admire this gorgeous blossom.

For all of you who know the energy centers, you may already be thinking that these colors connect you with the three lower chakras, or as I was taught in school, the colors of the rainbow, Roy G Biv  This is the Roy: Red, Orange and Yellow, the colors that connect us with our root chakra, our sacral chakra and our solar plexus. 

From a distance you just see the bright orange, the color that brings us the energy of our sacral chakra, our sexuality, our creativity. This energy helps us connect with our creative nature.

And now, the Nature Angels would like to share their thoughts about this amazing flower:


Hello most creative human beings!

Yes, you are creating all the time. If you write out of a food shopping list, you have created that.  Once you have picked up the ingredients and prepared a meal, you have created that. 

Sometimes humans might think that creating means something grand, like a work of art, a painting or a sculpture, but truthfully, everything you do is creating. The goal is to create something that brings you joy.

When you surround yourself with the energy of the tiger lilies, you are connecting with the energy of creation.

Every time you create something, you're putting part of yourself into it. Your energy goes into what you are making.

Sometimes there may be an inner critic within you that might think that what you are doing has to be perfect in order to be beautiful. This is not the case. Practice does make perfect but being creative is the goal. We are not asking you to seek perfection. We are asking you to create without judgement. 

Open yourself up as wide as the lily is open. You may feel slightly vulnerable, but this is what your soul wants you to do. Notice how each yellow line guides you towards the center of the blossom, the golden yellow center, your solar plexus, your power center, the energy of the sun. 

We ask that you imagine that you are those tall flower parts, known as the filaments, and you are standing tall in the center of the flower with all the energy of the blossom rising up and filling you from your feet up to your heart. Pause for a moment as it fills your heart and then the energy continues to rise up the rest of your body until it reaches your head, your brain, your thinking mind. You can use the anthers at the top of the filaments as a visual representation of your head.

Let your thinking mind be filled with the energy of creativity.

Please look at this flower image and say: 

I open myself to the creative being that I am. I realized that it is both the blending of my inner masculine and feminine energies that bring about the creative process. My creative ideas are put into motion as I connect with the energy of my solar plexus, my powerhouse. Both my masculine and feminine energies work together in perfect harmony as I allow myself to be in the flow of creativity.


Wow! What a powerful message from the Nature Angels.  Free your mind from your interpretation of what creativity means. It is in this freedom that the magic happens. 

We are born to be creative beings. The sacral chakra connects us with the sexual organs of our bodies, our womb. In this world of duality, we have the masculine and feminine as two separate parts but within each of us both energies live. 

The flowers have both the masculine and feminine organs in each blossom.  This is showing us that we have both energies within us.  Let both of these energies work together in harmony. 

It may be easier for women to acknowledge her inner masculine energy than a man to acknowledge his inner feminine energy, but it all exists. Sometimes a woman can be more in her masculine energy and sometimes a man can be more in his feminine energy.

The more we acknowledge this, the greater of a shift we can create on this planet. Free yourself to connect to both. Use this flower image to help you and create something that makes your heart sing.

Please reach out to me if you need help in creating a happier life for yourself.

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