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The energy of love never ends.

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

I am doing something a little bit different this week. Instead of the usual Nature Angel message, I would like to share with you something that I had forgotten about.

I am going to ask the Nature Angels for a flower photo to use for this newsletter and ask what message they want to give.

I was in a group session for the Healing Angel Protocol™ practitioners a few days ago. One of the practitioners was recalling when his father was in transition in passing over to the other side, and as a healer, how he was able to accept, allow, forgive and be at peace with the situation, while also bringing his father peace.

This brought back the memory of when my father was dying of cancer. My mother was very upset, and she didn't want to let him go. She was angry at the doctors, and she was angry at the hospital.

This was some 20+ years ago, before I was actively pursuing my spiritual path. But when I had this memory, I realized that this probably was the beginning of my spiritual journey as an adult. I am happy to share it with you but first, here is the photo that the Nature Angels have chosen and also the message from them.

Hello most beautiful and courageous humans,

We have chosen the zinnia flower again, but there are now two. This represents the couple, the two people who choose become friends and possibly make a life together.

Notice the green leaves in between the two flowers. Think of this as the heart energy that is shared between two people when they love each other.

As you look a little bit more closely at the image, you will see that there is one leaf that is touching one flower and one leaf has a slight gap, or separation, between the leaf and the blossom.

This flower image is as a representation of when the love is now shifting in energy. It can be when a relationship changes for any number of reasons, a relocation, a separation, a divorce, or when the body has deceased, are just a few examples.

This love energy will always be there. It may change forms, but it will always exist. We ask you to honor this.

We have finished our message for this week now and return you back to Karen.


Thank you to the Nature Angels for reminding us that the love energy may change form, but it will still always exist in some way.

Here is what I would like to share with you:

My mom is a devout Catholic and my brothers and I were raised in this religion. If you were raised a Catholic, you have experienced the sacrament of Communion. This is when the priest will bless and turn the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ.

Depending on how many years you go back, there was a time when this was considered so sacred that you were not allowed to touch the wafer, the unleavened bread that had been blessed (which is called the host) that is given during Communion.

You would have to hold your tongue out and the priest would place the host on your tongue. Somewhere along the way, the church deemed it acceptable that you are able to receive the Communion host in your hand and put it in your mouth yourself.

I always liked this much better, thinking about when Jesus was breaking bread and passing it to his apostles.

When my father died, we did have a funeral mass where we received Communion. That day when the Communion host was placed in my hand and I touched it, I felt quite an energy in my fingers that I had never felt before. I was given the message that this was to support the conversation I had with my mom to help her accept the passing of my father.

After the funeral, I told my mom about this tingling I felt in my fingers, and it seemed to comfort her. In the days and weeks following, she was also receiving signs that she would share with me.

I'm sure my mother felt very alone in her house all by herself. But then she would tell me how a music box just started playing without being wound up. She was saying these were signs that my dad was still watching over her.

Another interesting sign happened some weeks after my father passed which continued to help my mom heal from her loss.

She noticed how there was a leaky faucet in the bathroom. My mother was not handy. She was worried about this. She told me she was in the bathroom trying to figure out what she should do about this leaky faucet. She did not know how to even get the handle off.

All of a sudden, one of the faucet tops that has the letters H or C (for hot and cold), popped off on its own. She wasn't touching it at all. My mom saw there was a screw underneath the cover so she could access the faucet handle. All these little signs brought great comfort to my mother and her sharing them helped make me become more of a believer in all the unseen help that we have from the beyond.

I ask you to be open to receive the signs that are being presented to you. Don't dismiss them as a coincidence, strange, or unusual. Acknowledge them with gratitude. We are more supported than we will ever know. It is not just under certain circumstances. It is always there.

If you liked my YouTube video and the message of the metaphors, I would like to share a metaphor that comes from this memory. If you haven't seen the YouTube video yet, please check it out and I also ask if you can subscribe to my channel and help my audience grow. I would really appreciate it!

The metaphor from this story is a leaky sink represents the tears that are being shed and need to come out. Since it is happening in the bathroom, it is the place where self-care takes place. For the faucet handle, the metaphor was that my mom was trying to find a way to handle her grief and take care of herself.

We're often conflicted about our emotions. We have been told to be strong. We have been told to suck it up. We know that the death of the human body is inevitable but still, we are human, and we should really honor all our emotions. If certain emotions seem overwhelming, ask your Angels to help you process them. They will find a way to bring you comfort.

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