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The Magic of Play

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

What a wonderful time of the year! Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice! (Unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere, then it is the Winter Solstice!) And Saturday, June 24th is International Fairy Day! Lots of energetic changes happening!

To celebrate the Nature Angels, I am offering an individual, specialized reading just for you at a special price. In case you missed the first email, I will send out another reminder on Saturday.

The Nature Angels are happy to know that we celebrate them. They do love to celebrate life and they play a vital role in taking care of this entire planet.

They connect with all four elements, earth, air, fire and water, both the masculine and feminine energies and also to Mother Father God, light and sound. They do so much for us. Let's make sure we do something back to help them!

Here is the message that the Nature Angels bring to us this week:

Hello most beautiful humans!

We have chosen the oleander flower for this week's special message.

We want to remind you to always keep the child within you alive. These tiny flowers can remind you of pinwheels. Let yourself play. Remember how much joy a pinwheel could bring you.

Maybe you would blow on it to make it move. Maybe you would try to catch the wind to move it for you. Just watching it spin and listening to the whirling sound made you happy.

If you didn't have a pinwheel, maybe you had bubbles. Either one uses the wind to help you feel happy. The happy sound of laughter is carried through the air.

The more joy that you bring into this world, the better it will be.

We ask you to look at this flower photo and say:

I embrace my inner child. I allow myself to remember the pure and simple things in life that make me so happy. I let myself fully engage all my senses so that I can connect with all there is. I allow myself to feel the joy and I know that as I feel this joy, I send a ripple of joy out into the world.

Thank you for celebrating us!


Wow! What a beautiful message from the Nature Angels. They really are so loving.

These flowers do have a playful energy about them, and the white reminds us of the innocence of childhood, those early years when life was magical.

The Nature Angels have always been a part of this magic. They are so happy as more and more humans want to engage with them.

The Nature Angels love that we appreciate their handiwork of the flowers, but they also want us to appreciate all of the earth, the air, the water and fire (which includes the sun).

They also asked me to share with you this photo I took of the sky and clouds. They say you will feel their energy here too. Perhaps you might even see something in the clouds. Let your imagination expand.

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