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The path to love.

There was quite a stretch of cloudy days where I live. After 11 days of clouds, I was so happy to see the sun again and also the rainbows that the glass prisms bring.

I have the glass crystals hanging in various places in the house to capture some rainbows. With much excited anticipation, the rainbows appeared. As the sun rose and shined through the prisms, rainbows were scattered over the ceiling and the walls. 

It is always a magical sight. I love to take pictures of them. After I took a number of pictures, I pointed my camera in the direction of the rising sun. 

Later, when I looked at the image, I saw the shape of a heart in what is known as a lens flare.  

The Nature Angels were delighted with this photo. They said it was perfect for their message this week. They also assured me that they would return to flowers soon enough.

To me, the image of the heart was very noticeable as I looked at it from my cell phone but when I viewed it on the desktop, I didn't think it was as pronounced.  

Here's what the Nature Angels would like to say about this picture.

Hello most imaginative and creative human beings,

We, the Nature Angels, love the opportunity for lens flares because that's where we get to work our magic.  

We encourage you to use your imagination and to let yourself see beyond the logical, thinking mind. If you do not see the heart in this image, it helps to look with a soft eye, letting things go a little bit out of focus.  Karen has circled it so you can see it a little bit easier.

When you look at this heart, you will notice there is a line going through it. You can say this heart is broken. It is split in two pieces. 

With Valentine's Day coming up, we thought this would be a good time to talk about people who have experienced heartache.  On this holiday, it is your custom to show love and appreciation to those you love and care about.

We ask you to love yourself first and embrace yourself fully. 

We understand how you have grown up in a society where from a very early age you were taught to compete and compare yourself with others.  This is where the judgment began. This is also where the not-good-enoughs began. We ask you to love yourself completely, with no negative self-talk.

Please gaze at this heart image and feel its connection to your own heart. As you do this, please say:

I let go of all beliefs that tell me I am less than. I will nip any negative self-talk in the bud. I realize that there is no one else like me. I am unique. My journey is unique. I do not compare myself to others. I choose to love myself fully and completely.   As I do not judge myself, I also do not judge anyone else. This is the path to love. 

Please be both diligent and gentle with yourself as you move along this path of self-love.  


The Nature Angels have given us another beautiful message.  When we release old beliefs that no longer serve us, we open to love ourselves more fully.

Please reach out to me if you need help in connecting with this energy of self love. Old thoughts and beliefs can be preventing you from receiving it easily. Let go of the old programming so this loving energy becomes easily assessable for you.

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