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The Sylphs of the skies

The Nature Angels are asking for you to expand your understanding of them even more.  When they picked the photo for this week's message, I questioned it and was a little hesitant to do it. It is stepping away from the usual topic that I have been sharing with you. 

When I first started the newsletters, the Nature Angels talked about the flowers and how their energy brings healing to you. Now, they're asking for you to have a greater awareness of everything that they are.

They have asked me to share a photo I took of cloud formations in the sky and to let you know that these are actually Nature Angels energies in the skies that are making themselves visible to you.

I was a little nervous about doing this.  Some fear rose up in me thinking that maybe people wouldn't quite understand this as much as they can understand the healing energy of flowers.

But I have learned from the Nature Angels that what they want to offer is what they're going to give me. If I said no to this, their message wouldn't come through.  They do have a much greater understanding of what we truly need.   

Remember in your childhood, those times that you would look at clouds and see different shapes. Our logical, adult minds would tell us that we are just having a great imagination but in truth, we're seeing things that are there to help us in a certain way.  

These cloud formations are manifestations created and supported by spirit nature energies known as Sylphs.   The first written record of the Sylphs was by the 16th century Swiss alchemist known as Paracelsus.  He unapologetically spoke his beliefs. Since I don't want this newsletter to get too long, please look him up if you would like to learn more.

This is what the Nature Angels would like to share with you:

Hello, most beautiful and open-minded human beings,

You have been working with the Nature Angels who are very closely connected to Earth and who take care of all living things.  We now share about the other Nature Spirits who encompass a broader realm other than this.  There are Nature Spirits of the water and also of the skies.  Today, we would like to talk about the Nature Spirits of the skies, known as Sylphs.  They connect with the air, the wind.  They can do much with this element.  You may have heard them being referred to as elementals. 

Much like the Nature Angels of the Earth, the Sylphs are considered invisible to your human eyes, but they can let themselves be seen.   They can find ways to materialize, and this is what this photo is showing you.

The Sylphs help energy take form and take shape. There is energy all around you. You just can't see it. There are Angels all around you. Sometimes you can see, what you would say are Angel wings in the cloud formations in the sky. This is not your imagination. Your Angels are working with the Sylphs to show you that they are there with you.

Sometimes if you're asking for help and you are thinking you are not getting it, you might just not be looking in the right place. If you see a cloud in the sky that looks like a horse, it is telling you that you have the power of the horse that is there to assist you.

As you learn to understand energy more, you will have an easier way of connecting and working with it.  

In this photograph there are many individual shapes. Karen will tell you that when she went outside feeling a little bit alone, these shapes were lined up in the sky.  Her camera could not capture all of them in one image.  They stretched across the sky, twice as many as what was captured in the image.

Just like we, the Nature Angels, hear you and understand you, so do the Sylphs. They hear you, and the more you connect to them and nature, the easier and more willing they are to connect with you. 

It does take a lot of energy for the Sylphs to hold cloud formation shapes, so usually once you see it and understand that it is for you, the shapes will start dissipating.  

The more you acknowledge that you are seeing these energetic shapes, the more often they will present themselves to you.  Be open to the possibilities.

We asked that you look at this photo image and say:

I am happy and grateful for this realization of the many ways that I am helped and supported by all of the Angels of Nature.  I opened myself to both seeing this and understanding that I am never alone. I grow worry-free as this truth becomes more and more part of my inner knowing.  The more I open to this, the more it reflects in my outer reality.  


I always love a message about all the support we have. I hope you enjoyed this message from the Nature Angels.  Please let me know if you have always known this or if this is something very new to you. 

If you are asking how this can help you, it is learning about understanding and working with the energy.

The Nature Angels do remind us that we cannot direct and tell them how we want to see things. And they also say that it happens more often when you're really not looking for it.  This is when you'll see it.   

When I had gone outside feeling a little bit low, I wasn't asking for a sign. I just looked up and I knew that they were sending me a message.

We are so loved. We are so supported. Allow yourself to know this and fully understand it. You can always ask for a sign, just don't tell the Angels how you want it to appear.  Leave it up to them. Remember they know what is best for you and what will help you the most. 

If you are still feeling alone and unsupported, please reach out to me.  I can help you.

When I give a healing session, I ask for the highest and best to come in to help you.  You will get a sense that you are never alone and that you are watched over; and your Angels and Guides are waiting to assist you. 

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