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The trillium message

The Nature Angels gave me a clear image of what flower they wanted to talk about for this week's message. It was a photo I took a little while ago of a red trillium flower.

I looked back and saw that this picture was actually taken more than 3 years ago.  I hadn't heard of the trillium flower before this. My daughter had brought this lovely flower home. The trillium got its name because of its three leaves, three sepals, and three petals. It is also known as the “trinity" flower. 

The number 3 is considered a holy number.  It is also thought of as a perfect number by the Greek philosopher, Pythagoras. because the number 3 was considered the number of harmony, wisdom and understanding. 

There are many other things connected with this number such as our body, mind and soul.  You can find this number in many different aspects of life. 

The color of this flower truly captivated me, the ruby red as well as the beautiful green leaves.  The petals and leaves gently opened in such a flowing manner.  I learned that this plant is very delicate and fragile. 

She is actually protected in some areas because she is so delicate.  Trilliums are slow-growing plants. The plant's seeds normally take at least two years to fully germinate.  And this plant takes between seven to 10 years before she actually flowers! 

This beautiful flower can represent and be symbolic for our own spiritual growth or the spiritual growth of a loved one, the unfolding of time and understanding after the seed is planted.  The delicate nature of this plant reminds us to be both gentle and protective of our own selves as we open up to who we truly are.

Here is the message the Nature Angels would like to bring regarding this flower:

Hello most beautiful human beings,

We would like to talk about the energy of three. It is no coincidence that we asked Karen to look back three years to find this flower.

The number 3 represents the trinity of the Divine. At this time of year, we celebrate the birth of the Christ energy. The Mother, the Father, and the Divine Child.  

They were all safely protected by the many multitudes of Angels. The Angels guided them.  The humble shepherds bore witness to share the story.  The Archangel Gabriel gave the message of bringing good news and change for this world. This good news and change is still happening. 

We are so grateful for all of you who keep your faith and love and choose to raise the vibration on this planet, even amongst the density of all that is happening.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, just celebrate love.  Jesus, Jeshua, came to bring a new kind of love to this planet. 

The beautiful colors of this flower, the red and the green, connects you with your heart chakra and brings you the safety and love of the Divine Mother. 

We ask that you look at this flower and say:

I open myself to love.  I let this love fill my entire being until I am so full of love that I can send it out into the world. I hold the vibration of love within me so that I can move through life being unaffected by any lower vibrational energies that are being released at this time.  I allow the process of release to happen with the understanding that whatever has been let go of, opens more room for love to come in. 


What a beautiful message from the Nature Angels! The red and geen of this flower is very much the colors of Christmas. 

The ancient Celtic people decorated their homes with holly during their Winter Solstice celebrations. The admired how the holly, with her red berries and green leaves, kept the Earth beautiful during the winter months.  Since the holly tree was so resilient in its ability to survive the cold winter months, the Celtic people thought it would bring protection and good luck into their homes. The holly, as well as all evergreen trees, represent eternal life.

This is a very special time of year, the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.  In ancient times, the Winter Solstice was seen as the symbolic death and rebirth of the sun. There are many different traditions in all the cultures around the world.

They all honor the sun and the ebb and flow of nature. Take time to honor the solstice this year.  Light a candle, do a sun salutation if you like yoga, or just softly gaze at the sun as it rises or sets, before it becomes too high in the sky.

Many of the holidays celebrated now are celebrating the light.  Jesus is both love and light.   

It is very important to always fill up with love as you let go of any old, sad story because when you create space, you want love to fill this space, not some other lower vibrational energy that may be lingering.  Let love fill you and flow through you. 

If you feel that you are struggling with letting go of lower vibrational energies, I can help you.  Each healing session starts with you being filled up completely with unconditional love and then once you are in this energy, the highest and best comes in to assist and support you.  You are meant to grow and evolve and live a more fulfilled life. It is your birth right.  Allow it. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I wish you a beautiful holiday filled with love and light.

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