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The vastness of Source love

The Nature Angels have chosen a petunia flower that has been given the name the Dark Saturn petunia. It was given this name because of the very deep colored center, a deep purple and the contrasting white color on the outer area of the petals.

This flower has some flecks in the dark purple center. I am not really sure if it's pollen. I had originally avoided using it for the newsletter because I thought this detracted from the beauty of the flower. But I have an understanding that the Nature Angels always have a particular message they want to share, and they use specific flowers to help bring it to you.

Here is what they would like you to know:

Hello most beautiful humans,

The center of this flower is such a deep shade of plum that it almost looks black. There is just the hint of violet that you see around the outer edge between the two colors.

We ask that you focus on the dark area of this flower and let your mind go blank. Imagine now that this dark color is what your scientists call space.

We think the name for this flower, Dark Saturn, is perfect because when you're thinking of the planets you naturally think of the blackness of space.

The white of the petals, which surrounds the area we have called space, is actually demonstrating Source energy. The energy of Creator has been expanding space since the beginning of time. Space, all of the universe, is held within the Creator's heart.

All the beautiful green leaves that surround this flower helps you connect to this heart energy of Creator that radiates out and surrounds all things.

You can even imagine as you look in the very center of the flower, the flower part that is blue can represent one of the many nebulas. And lastly, all of the specks, what Karen has called pollen, can represent the many stars in the night sky.

Please look at this picture and say,

No matter the size of anything, it can show me a representation of the vastness of creation. I let this flower image help me to realize both the boundlessness of Creator, but even more, the immense love that the Creator has for all of us. I fill myself up with this knowing, and this love.


Wow! I had no idea that this was going to be the message for this flower. You may have read or heard from scientists; the human physical body is a galaxy within itself all working together as one.

I am sharing another photo of this plant with the many flowers that petunias produce. When we think about the universe, we know that there are countless galaxies and an infinite number of planets.

Each one of these flowers can represent one of the many galaxies of the Universe in their different stages of developing. And all of these are held within the love of Creator.

Certain religious institutions have tried to put a huge distance between us and our Creator, God, Source but in truth there is no distance between us. It is just a different energy vibration.

We are here on planet Earth to choose love over fear. We are here to experience different things and have the choice that each one of these experiences will lead us back to choosing love.

Don't despair with everything you hear in the news. Hold the energy vibration of love and send it out into the world. You are a far more powerful creator being than you have been led to believe and every choice you make makes a difference in this world.

The Universe is so vast that God, Creator, Source has created an infinite number of Angels and Light energies to help assist each and every one of us in every planetary system.

If you need help in feeling all of this love and support, please reach out to me. The healing sessions that I offer will connect you to the highest and best energies to help you navigate through challenging times on this beautiful planet of ours.

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1 Comment

Nov 14, 2023

As always I love your messages. Every time I get value from the angel's message and yours.

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