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To compare is human, to love is divine.

There are so many flowers blooming right now. I went to visit a public garden and there were rows and rows of peonies plants and also a smaller area of rose bushes that were beginning to open.  Each flower has its own unique and beautiful fragrance.

The peonies have such large blossoms which come in so many different shades of pink and also pure white.  You can smell them as soon as you start walking towards them. For me, it's like a little bit of heaven on Earth. 

Roses which do vary in color and size. The ones that were growing in this garden were probably not even a quarter of the size of the peonies. I had to get up close to smell their lovely fragrance.

Peonies are more noticeable because of their huge blossoms with many petals of bright colors. Their flowers don't last very long.  Roses will last for a longer period of time. They have many more buds. And roses are also known for their thorns.  

Every perennial plant has a certain number of weeks that it blooms. Each flower is guided by nature, and they cannot really deviate much from the course of their original design.

We humans do have the opportunity to try many different things. We get to choose something we want to experience and then we decide if we like it or if we don't like it. However, nothing on this 3D plane is simple and when we want to switch hats, there is so much that has to be considered. 

Our decisions affect other people. If we want to switch hats, switch jobs, for example, we have to put in the time and effort finding one that we think will suit what we are looking for and also support us in the way that we think we need to be supported. Flowers know that they are supported, but we humans need to be reminded that we are supported. 

There have been many phrases that contradict this. The expression, every man for himself really puts us on a path of separation. 

Drama plays out in our country, in our world that makes us feel like we have to take sides. It's like putting the roses against the peonies and asking which one's better? Which one is right for you?


The Nature Angels chose the rose blossom that had a streak of white petals for their message this week. 

This is what they would like to say about this flower: 

Hello, most beautiful human beings,

It is true that usually bigger things will catch your eyes more quickly than something smaller, but everything is beautiful in its own right. 

Roses open their petals slowly where you can actually watch them over a period of days and enjoy the unfoldment.  Every flower has a purpose, and they are never a one size fit all for what they are bringing to you or showing you.

In your busy world where you always seem to have to be doing something, flowers tell you to stop.  Stop and smell the roses. When a flower takes days to open, it is telling you to slow down and enjoy the moment.

This particular blossom, with its beautiful ruby pink color, brings you the energy of love. Slow down, stop, and be in this energy.  Look at this blossom and let her energy nurture you. 

Roses have always been given as gifts to express love. For as long as there have been written records, there has been mention of roses. There have always been flowers on this planet to bring you joy.  

We now asked you to notice the few white petals that are part of this particular flower. Do you think it makes the rose more beautiful or do you think this is a defect that takes away from the flower's beauty?

We ask you to do this to bring awareness to belief systems you may have ingrained inside of you on the subconscious level. 

When you look through the eyes of love, everything is beautiful. We ask you to realize that this is true for you human beings too. You are all beautiful in the Creator's eyes. You all have your unique, individual characteristics and all of them are beautiful. You are part of the All.

Everyone has their favorite preference, and that is how it is supposed to be. You came here with free will and freedom of choice.

Embrace who you are and don't compare yourself to others. Don't try to be something that you are not. In the end that will just cause you to actually separate from your true self.

Please look at this flower and say: 

I fill up with Divine love and embrace the differences that make me special and the unique individual that I am. I see myself for who I am, through the energy of love, not what I have been taught by society. 

I realize that I am perfect in the eyes of my Creator, and I compare myself to no one. I am as beautiful as a flower, and I allow myself to feel the support that is here for me. Just as a single rose is part of the entire rose bush, I am part of the whole.


Wow, that was quite the message about us accepting who we are and finding the beauty in our differences but ultimately realizing that we are part of the whole.

It's very true how we judge ourselves. We do have the opportunity to change a lot of things, but there are some things that we cannot change. We may wish we could be taller or shorter. We can make ourselves taller temporarily by wearing shoes with heels but that is not changing who we are at our essence.

Accepting who we are brings us contentment. If we are always looking to be something different, or something that we were told to be, we will never be at peace with ourselves. 

Our subconscious mind is so powerful. We can self-sabotage without even knowing it because of subconscious beliefs. It is very important to recognize beliefs that no longer are helping you and are hindering you. Don't judge them. They served a purpose at one point. Send love to them and let them go. 

Connect with your inner child. Connect with your heart. Give your brain a vacation. The brain does try so hard to solve everything for us, but the answers lie within our heart. 

It may be difficult to connect with our heart because we have been told how to think, how to behave, how to act. Let go of any judgment for yourself and for others. This is the way we can create a shift on the planet. 

The greatest act is the act of kindness. When you are kind to yourself, you will feel peace and then slowly, this will radiate out into the world. The world needs to feel peace. 

As you do the inner work, you help change the outer reality. We're part of the whole.  We know that conflict does not feel good. Give yourself peace, find the inner peace and then slowly but surely it will reflect in the outer world.  Fill up with the energy of love, whether it be from looking at flowers, listening to music, or being deep in nature. 

Make the conscious effort to receive love. There should be an equal balance of giving and receiving. Quite often we cannot get it from our fellow human beings. Get it from Mother Earth or ask the Angels to help you. Realize that you are supported even if you can't see it. There is more love for us than we can ever imagine.  Open up to the possibilities.

Please reach out to me if you need help with feeling loved and supported. The individual sessions that I offer will connect you with the highest and best and bring you the loving energy you need to move through life and with the knowing that you are supported and never alone.

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