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Uniquely one, part of the All.

The Nature Angels have chosen the bee balm flower for this week's message. To be completely honest, I'm learning about different flowers all the time. I really didn't know of the bee balm plant until just a few years ago. 

This flower gets its name because it does attract bees and has many other wonderful properties as any herbalist would happily tell you.

It is a quirky looking flower, not very elegant or glamorous like some of the other flowers that I like to photograph, but she does have such a vibrant color. 

These unusual flowers do come in several colors. The ones I photographed this week were a gorgeous ruby red. From the distance, you see such a burst of flaming red. 

Here is what the Nature Angels would like to say about this particular flower: 

Hello, most dynamic human beings, 

We see you as amazing, energetic beings. And when your vibration changes, we can tell.

The bee balm flower may be a peculiar looking flower, but it serves a great importance.

Each petal is like an antenna, reaching out in all directions and sending energy in a 360 degrees dispersion of energy. 

No matter what side you view this flower from, you are receiving her energy full force. 

The energy reaches all around you, above and below, helping you to remember to connect with both heaven and Earth.

Please look at this amazing flower and say: 

As I look at this flower, her energy is reaching all the parts of my physical body, filling me with the energy of divine love. This energy brings me compassion, courage, understanding and helps me to know that I am part of the whole. With this awareness, I find the sense of safety and security knowing that I am held within love and part of the Oneness.


Wow! That was an awesome message from the Nature Angels! I was thinking about how this color connects us with our root chakra. Our root chakra connects with our sense of safety and security, our roots, our tribe, or family. 

I love how the Nature Angels said that when we know that we are part of Oneness, we feel safe and secure and held in love. 

Feel this energy. Embrace yourself in all your quirky and unique ways. We are all individuals, but we are all part of whole. If you have trouble feeling a connection with the Divine, please reach out to me for a session. I can help you.

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