• Karen Crehan

When did you start believing again?

When do you really start believing again? When do you let go of your skepticism? I was beginning my spiritual journey and starting to believe that we were supported and that we are heard but I still had so many doubts and unworthiness issues.

When a person first starts on their spiritual path, they are often advised to ask for a sign, something simple just to show that they're heard. Quite often, the suggestion would just be to ask for a parking space in an area where it's usually very hard for you to find parking.

Where I live, parking spaces are really not an issue. There is plenty of parking everywhere.

I would still always need to ask for a sign, proof that we are heard. I could so easily get pulled back into not believing.

My most amazing proof happened about 5 years ago in 2015.

I live in the country where we have a very big backyard that is surrounded by woods.

One winter day, I looked out the window and I saw that a cluster of balloons had escaped from somewhere and got caught around the branches in a tree. I thought they were for Valentine's Day because there was a heart-shaped balloon amongst them.

I watched from the window and saw how the strong wind was blowing them vigorously but the balloons held fast. Another day went by and I saw the balloons were still there and I also noticed the deer in the yard were nervous of them because they didn’t know what they were.

I mentioned this to my husband. He walked to the back of the yard, cut them free, brought them inside the house and left them in the basement. When I saw the balloons up close, I realized they weren’t for Valentine’s day. There were 3 balloons and one of them said happy birthday on it. Since the balloons were made of Mylar, they still had plenty of helium in them and they floated to the ceiling. We have 2 rooms in the basement and the balloons were in the back area of the basement.

Mylar helium balloons do last for quite a while and they just stayed floating in the corner of the basement for a number of days. I would see them every day when I went to work in the morning.

Then somehow, an unusual thing happened. The balloon that said happy birthday started floating towards the front part of the basement. I didn’t think much of it. It wasn’t tied to anything but it was just the one balloon. The others stayed put. I asked if anyone touched it and everyone said no.

Now if you don't know my house you might think maybe the balloon was moved by the air currents but we do not have any vents that blow air. We have baseboard heating. And being the middle of winter, there was no open windows anywhere.

A few more days went by and then the balloon actually moved to the bottom of the stairs ready to go up to the first floor. I noticed this as I rushed out to work in the morning and I thought it was unusual but didn't pay much attention.

The next day, the balloon was halfway up the stairs and I just left it there. The following morning, the balloon made it to the top of the stairs. I opened the basement door and the balloon floated into the room of the first floor. I was amused but still didn’t think much about it and went to work.

When I got home that evening, the balloon had floated into the dining room to the chair I always sit in. This is not a direct route. There are turns you have to make around walls to get into the room.

Everyone in my family said they did not touch the balloon and everyone thought I was making this whole thing up. My husband and son were skeptical but there was no other explanation!

The balloon ended up by my seat on my birthday!

I was filled with amazement! The Nature Angels brought the balloon to me on my birthday!

These Nature Spirits somehow managed to move the balloon across two rooms in the basement and bring it up the stairs and across two more rooms to bring it to me exactly on my birthday! I have to be honest with you and let you know I sometimes feel sorry for myself that I always have to work on my birthday. This was the best present ever!

I was so blown away by this. It really made me believe. I have saved the helium happy birthday balloon to always remember this. I keep it hanging on the inside of my closet door so that I will always have this reminder.

We are heard, we are loved, we are cared about and the Angels want to help us.

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