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When Nature Speaks

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Everything in nature is always bringing us a message. All living things have an angel working with them, helping them to grow and thrive. These angels are the Devas and the nature angels. Flowers have the nature angels, also known as the fairies, helping them to grow.

The fairies are very close to us. The move in and out of the dimensions to connect with us, and our 3D reality and the 4th and 5th dimensions, where the vibration is a higher and the energy is purer.

The fairies can sense us, read us, and they know our intentions. They know when we love and respect nature and when we do things to help plants, flowers, and trees grow. When we do anything to help nature and in conjunction, to help the Nature Angels, they are very grateful to us and they will bring us a gift. They work their magic to catch our attention and let us notice that they have grown something especially for us.

A few years ago, this plant grew on its own, in my garden and it comes back every year. Sometimes the fairies will bring me a flower that only blooms for one year. They bring what we need to help us at that particular time in our life. Sometimes the mundane world of everyday living can block and inhibit our creativity.

Today the fairies made sure I noticed the beginning blossoms of this butterfly weed plant. It is growing in the shape of a heart and a bright golden orange color. 🧡 They want me to share this with you.

The color orange is the color of our soul chakra, our sacral chakra. This is the energy center of creativity. When we work with this color, it helps our creative juices to flow. (Think of a juicy orange.) Our soul wants us to create. When we create, we make our heart happy. Our heart is our divine inner child. When our inner child is happy, miracles can really start happening.

Find something creative to do to make your inner child really feel happy. Doing this will begin to create a new reality that will bring you more joy.

Being creative raises your vibration to a higher level.

When you are at a higher vibrational level, you will sense the nature angels even more. Anything is possible when you let nature and the nature angels help you. It is a beautiful world. Let yourself be a part of it.

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