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A message of duality

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

I asked the Nature Angels which flower they wanted to use for this week's message, as I looked through the many photos that I've taken.

They stopped me when I got to the miniature rose photo that I took in early June. I questioned them saying, This one? Really? Are you sure?

I tried to sway them by pointing out that I had just scrolled through dozens and dozens of beautiful flower pictures, but they said no, this is the one.

I have several miniature rose bushes in my garden all with different colored blossoms. This particular one has red and white flowers with a marble effect. Each rose will have a different and unique pattern.

I wondered why the Nature Angels picked this photo. In my mind, I thought that the flower isn't even symmetrical. It looks like it's two different flowers put together. And there is no noticeable center to this rose. Why this one?

The Nature Angels told me that it is a human trait to want everything balanced and to be symmetrical. Our brains find comfort in symmetry. I asked them again why they picked this flower photo image.

Here is their message:

Hello beautiful humans!

Karen is still asking us why we chose this photo. This little rose is very special. It is a perfect example of duality, the duality of the masculine and feminine.

The more these two are in alignment with each other, the more creation flows.

Look at this picture and notice that there is a flower bud growing just below the open blossom. This represents a new creation forming. There is something budding and growing.

We ask you to find the balance between your own masculine and feminine sides. Yes, each one of you has both energies within you. The feminine dreams up the idea and the masculine sets it in motion. When these two energies work together, you create something beautiful.

As you look at this flower image say:

I allow this flower to show me the two sides of myself, both the masculine and the feminine. I ask that these two sides work together in beautiful harmony so that I can create something wonderful.


I hope you enjoyed this flower message. The red and white color reminded me of a peppermint candy, so this message was something very different than what I had originally pictured in my mind.

In a world where we're always looking outside ourselves, find the balance within yourself first.

These flower images work on your subconscious. When you repeat the meditations, you are allowing it to also work on your conscious mind.

Look at them frequently and repeat what the Nature Angels ask you to say as you look at the photo image. You will start noticing a shift.

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