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Divine energy supporting you.

Wow! Have you seen some of those beautiful photos of the Aurora Borealis taken from people around the world? This heavenly sight has touched the hearts of many humans. 

So much healing happened as people turned their eyes to the sky to see the majestic energy being brought to them, to all of us. What a time to be alive as the universe speaks to us, showing us love and support more and more! 

All of those amazing colors brought different healing energies to everyone who turned the attention towards them.  Even if you didn't see these stunning displays live, the energies are held within the photographs. If you don't have any social media accounts, search for these photos on the internet. 

There are many flowers blooming now with similar colors that were seen in the night skies of the Aurora Borealis. Ruby reds, fuchsia pinks, greens, purples, blues. 

There is the macro level and the micro level. Plants are more on the micro level because they're smaller and closer to the ground versus the vastness of the sky. The Aurora Borealis gave a huge display of color that lasted for several hours. Flowers give their own bursts of colors that last for days and weeks. 

Right now, the azaleas are blooming with their brilliant colors. I have a gorgeous red azalea blooming in my garden. My neighbor has the most beautiful light purple rhododendron in their garden. 

They are also smaller flowering plants that bring their bursts of color. I have another new plant in the garden this year. She is the camassia flower. This lovely flower Is sometimes called the wild hyacinth. She also goes by a few other names.

The Nature Angels would like to talk about this little powerhouse of a flower for their message this week:

Hello most beautiful human beings. 

Yes, we think you are all beautiful.  You may not think so, but to us, you are just as beautiful as the Aurora Borealis and any of these beautiful flower blossoms that you look at.

What a gift from your sun to give this beautiful light show for you!  Take time to see all the different photos that were taken around the world. You will notice that many of them will seem like images of angelic, heavenly shapes. This is not your imagination. This is letting you know how much help you truly have.

For our flower message this week, we chose this lovely camassia plant because her blossoms are so joyful, and many of the buds appear to be pointing up to the sky directing your gaze upward.

Look up to the skies and stay grounded to the Earth and remember the term as above, so below. Heaven does reach Earth easily. Know this, and own it, and you will see a difference, a shift in your outer reality.  You can walk in heaven here on Earth.  Feel this and let the joy rise up within you.

These small flowers are here to reflect to the innocence and delicate nature of your inner child. The blossoms bring you the fairy energy. The beautiful violet color connects you with the energy of your crown chakra, and your connection to your Higher Self, your Divine essence. 

Please look at this flower photo and say:

I realize that I can experience Heaven here on Earth. I walk in both my innocence and in my divine nature and I see this in the others who are around me. I also imagine myself as being part of this plant. Part of me is opening to others and also opening to receive more of what I need. Part of me remembers to look beyond myself and ask for help from all the unseen, infinite energies that are here for me. I call upon this help whenever I need it and realize that we are all one and we are never alone.


Wow! What a great message from the Nature Angels!  We are loved. We are one. We are supported. When we feel supported, we can be in the energy of joy and then share this joyful energy with others. The camassia flowers remind us to open up and ask to receive the help that we need to move on in our journey.

It is important not to expect the help or the answers we ask for to come in a particular way. Always expect it to come in some unknown way, even better than you can ever have imagined.

When we expect something to happen a certain way, we are, in a sense, controlling it. Freedom comes from allowing what you want to come to you in the best way possible. It can be better than what you can ever dream of. Let the flower image connect with your inner child to help you open yourself up to infinite possibilities. 

As I was looking at all the different photos of the Aurora Borealis, I read many people saying that the camera caught the beautiful colors that their eyes could not see. There's something about the way that our eyes are designed that we cannot pick up what the camera can capture. Remember this as you look at everything in the world. 

There is so much more than our eyes can see.

And there is also a message of faith in this understanding. Even if we can't see it, we know that it is there. If you need help in trusting that you have all the love and support that you need, please reach out to me. I can help you realize that you are never alone.

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