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Filling up with Unconditional Love

The Nature Angels chose this pink hibiscus flower for their message this week. I photographed this beauty while I was on l vacation in Florida in December.

I knew that the Nature Angels were going to talk about filling up with Divine Mother's love but then I didn't get any other message.

Usually, the Nature Angel's messages flow through me very easily and quickly but not this time. I wondered why I was feeling blocked and the only message I heard was that I actually have to spend some time in this flower image.

I visualized myself in the center of the flower surrounded by this beautiful shade of pink. I then received the awareness of why I was completely blocked. I had visited my mother in the memory care unit earlier this week and no matter how upbeat I try to be, it really affects me.

I let myself acknowledge the effects of dementia on a loved one and I was overcome with sadness. I allowed myself to fully feel this as the tears rolled down my cheeks. I released my sadness to God still visualizing myself in the center of the flower. I began to feel at peace, and I received the message of the Nature Angels. Here it is:

Hello beautiful humans,

Grief is something all humans feel at some point or another. But what is grief? It is an emotion that comes from a great love.

So, we ask for all of you, especially those who are feeling sad, to visualize yourself in the center of this flower filling up with this beautiful nurturing color of Divine Mother's love.

You can visualize that the little pollen sacs are sprinkling golden drops of Divine Father's love to you. Or you can imagine that they are honey, and you are enjoying the sweetness of them.

Please say this as you imagine yourself inside the flower:

I acknowledge that my humanness feels every range of emotion there is. I allow myself to fill up completely with pure, unconditional love to help nurture me at all the times, and especially when I feel low.

We ask that you do this regularly so you will not block yourself, even unintentionally.


I'm actually still crying as I write this, but what a beautiful message. It really is great to know that we have these tools to help us in times when we need them.

I was completely denying my emotions without even realizing it. We all try to stay strong and put on a brave face.

Let yourself fill up with love frequently. Let the Nature Angels help you.

When you immerse yourself in a flower image, you allow every cell of your body to be filled with this energy.

And remember, the Law of Divine Oneness reminds us that we are all connected. When you were able to release sadness within yourself, you help others also release sadness within themselves.

Keep filling up with love.

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1 Comment

Jan 24, 2023

How true this is when we are trying to support others going through struggle... I was completely denying my emotions without even realizing it. We all try to stay strong and put on a brave face.

How great to realize, recognize and heal ourselves too as we support others.

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