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Find the magic

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

In one of my earlier blog posts, the one titled, When do you start believing again?, I share with you when the Nature Angels brought me a special gift for my birthday. This happened at a time when I really needed to see a miracle to believe again. I had become shut down from the stress of everyday living, running a household, and working a full-time job that was not fulfilling to me. The Nature Angels brought me a gift to help me remember my connection with them.

And just like a having a best friend who makes sure you get something special on your birthday, the Nature Angels worked their magic to make sure I got a surprise gift from them again for my birthday this year. They gave me the gift of flowers for me on my birthday. How? you may ask. They had flowers bloom even when it is not the expected season for the plants. I like to buy amaryllis plants during the Christmas holidays and I save the bulbs after they finish their life cycle. I had cut back all the leaves on one of the bulbs and just left it in the pot unattended under a chair. Quite unexpectedly, the amaryllis bulb started growing. I noticed it and gave the plant some water and put it on top of the table. The lovely plant grew a very long stalk with three flower buds. All three of the flowers opened on my birthday! If you've ever had an amaryllis flower, you know that one flower usually opens before the next. It can take a few days before the next flower opens, but the Nature Angels made sure all three flowers opened on my birthday. And then to make sure I really knew they were giving me a gift, they also made sure my Christmas cactus grew a flower bud and it also bloomed on my birthday! This special cactus usually blooms in December. Their flowers are quite amazing. They open up in layers, revealing several sets of petals. This flower's first set of petals opened on my birthday and then it fully opened the next day. The Nature Angels can do so much. They do help the flowers grow and very interestingly, they also have the flowers bring messages to us. For the amaryllis plant, the Nature Angels are showing me the solid support that we always receive from our Creator. This beautiful flower also asks us to see the beauty in ourselves. The Christmas cactus tells us to find our wings and let ourselves fly. The Nature Angels bring us the message that they know, they understand how we can feel shy, but they ask us to show our uniqueness and trust in our abilities. When something special happens to you, please don't think that it is a coincidence. It is our unseen friends, the Nature Angels, working their magic. The more that you notice this, and believe it is true, the more you will receive other little happy surprises.

The Nature Angels don't ask for much in return, just some appreciation for what they have given to us, and our love and respect. Send them some love. ️ Give them a thank you. Feel joyful for their gift. They will feel your joy and this fills them with happiness. Spread the happiness and let it grow.

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