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The Sacred Heart Chakra, gut instinct

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

There are at least 500 chakra energy centers throughout our body. We do have the seven major chakras that run up the center line of our body which are connected to the 7 colors of the rainbow. However, we actually have 15 significant chakras, 12 within our physical body and three in our energetic body.

I was guided to talk more deeply about the chakra in between our solar plexus and our heart chakra. The heart chakra, which is connected with our heart center is all about compassion and is connected with the color green. Our solar plexus chakra, located above our belly button, is about us going out in the world and doing what we are meant to do. It is connected to the color of our sun, the color yellow.

The chakra that is between these two is called the sacred heart chakra and it is connected with the color chartreuse. This is a color that is 50% green and 50% yellow. It is not like the color lime. It is more like a golden green. You can see this color in nature when you see sunlight brightly shining on green leaves. You can also use the peridot stone to connect with this color.

There is also another way we can connect to this energy and help keep it balanced. You can do this by this visualization exercise of bringing in the green energy from Mother Earth and the golden yellow energy from the Sun into your body:

Imagine you bring the green energy of the Earth up through your feet, moving up your legs, into your spine, up through your torso and let it swirl throughout your body. Now bring in the golden yellow energy of our sun through the top of your head, your crown chakra, down your head and neck and into your torso. Let these two energies mix within your body and visualize them doing a graceful figure 8 dance with each other.

It is so important to connect with the sacred heart chakra and keep it balanced because this energy center is located in the area near our stomach. If you have ever heard of the expressions your gut instinct, a gut feeling, a gut response, or you have butterflies in your stomach, this is your own intuition telling you something.

Sometimes our brains are so programmed by what we have been taught that we disregard what our own body is trying to tell us. Listen to what your gut tells you. Trust your instinct. 💚💛💚💛 You do not want to experience something that you can "no longer stomach anymore". Trust your gut feeling. You will not go wrong.

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