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Power of the Divine Mother

Last year my daughter bought several dozen tulip bulbs and planted them in a section of garden that never had any flowers before.

I have been in awe and admiration of the variety and rich colors of these tulips. It was a beautiful surprise for me. My daughter had some memory of what she planted with layout and color grouping but when they bloomed! Wow!

For many years I didn't plant tulips because the deer would gobble them up right away. Since we have two dogs who love to play on the property, the deer have shied away from the garden that we're all familiar with, but now there are hybrids...And much like dog breeders (and the many amazing types of dogs there are), there are tulip breeders too! 

In my opinion, they hit gold when they came up with these beautiful peony tulips.  Their blossoms are slightly smaller than the peony, but the colors are amazing!!! Their fragrance is gentle and sweet. The hyacinth, as well as the peony's fragrance is so noticeable. For the peony tulips, you have to put your nose right on the bud to inhale the beautiful fragrance. 

I took so many pictures of the many tulips and as I was looking through them, this beautiful red peony tulip caught my attention with her very powerful energy.

Red connects us to our base chakra, the root chakra, but it also connects us to the Mother. This beautiful red peony brings us the energy of the Divine Mother. I think it's a perfect flower choice for this week's newsletter, the day after Earth Day, when we celebrate and honor Mother Earth. 

Here is what the Angels of Nature would like to say about this stunning flower:

Hello, most amazing human beings, 

First, we would like to thank everyone who takes part in Earth Day. Everything you do makes a difference on this beautiful planet. Thank you for sending love to Mother Earth. 

Tulips are usually recognized by their flower that is shaped like a cup, a vase or a vessel. It is a place you can go into and to feel safe and secure in it.  The image can work on the subconscious level.  The cup shape offers you a place to go inside and retreat, to refuel and recharge. 

Sometimes Karen gives a meditation where she asks the person to visualize themself inside the tulip flower and imagine the colors of the flower flowing through and around them.  This is a powerful exercise to work with chakra energy. 

With this peony tulip, the flower is inviting you into the softest, gentlest, luxurious place to rest. In this space, she fills you with a passion for life energy. 

Please look at this photo image and say: 

I rest on this luxurious flower and am held within the Divine Mother's gentle embrace. The many petals that surround me fill me with courage, passion and a secure sense of safety. I happily accept and receive these energies as well as the complete unconditional love from the Divine Mother that is held within this image. With this energy I follow my heart's desire.

 We suggest that you work with this energy frequently. It is very powerful and can create quite a shift in your energetic body. This image will help you follow your heart with passion and courage and fearlessly do what you're truly meant to do in this life.


This is a beautiful message from the Nature Angels!  Tulips are a beautiful addition to the spring garden, and they are actually the inspiration for the name of this newsletter, TuLips Tuesday. The Nature Angels love to play on words and Tulips, for two lips. We always start the subject with the reminder to give yourself a kiss (and a hug). 

The color of this red flower is so powerful. It conveys a message of strength, courage, and fierceness to follow the passion of your heart. The Divine Mother always fills us with unconditional love.

 I do sell my flowers photos in different sizes and mediums, photo print, photo canvas or metal print. If you would like to have this photo or any other, please explore your options by visiting the gallery page of the website.

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Apr 23

Thank you for the amazing restful feelings while nestled in this flower!


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