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Being in a state of balance.

There is an effortless symmetry in nature. Flowers display perfect symmetry, not only their petals but in their patterns. 

There are such beautiful patterns inside some tulip flowers, especially the solid-colored ones. If you casually walk past them, you won't notice unless you stop to look inside.  I think this image looks like a beautiful snowflake pattern.

Scientists will tell you that these patterns have a purpose, to help the bees know exactly where to land to get the nectar and to help pollinate the flower. 

The pattern becomes the landing pad amongst all the rich colors that the bees are navigating through. 

From the bee's perspective, they are drawn to the contrasting colors and their goal is collecting as much sweet nectar as possible to provide the energy they need.

Beyond the mechanics of flower reproduction, there is another significant meaning. Everything in nature brings us a message. 

Here's what the Nature Angels would like to say about the beautiful pattern within this tulip flower. 

Hello most beautiful and wise human beings,

Certain patterns are designed to capture and hold your attention. It is a moment where you are mesmerized. 

This beautiful image is a landing pad for you, a place to stop and look. In this moment of pause, your mind focuses only on the image. Your thoughts become quiet, and it is a moment of communing with nature. Allow yourself this time so that your brain can reset, and you can feel calmer and safer.

We ask you to look at this image and say, 

Within nature, I find myself able to come into perfect balance. As the highs and lows come, I take a breath and navigate towards the center of my true self. I allow this image to help me. Within the pause of the breath is the Stillpoint, the place of unity, of wholeness, of being in the commune with Source energy. I remain in this place until I feel at ease, recharged and know that all is well. I create time for this whenever I need to navigate the extremes that come from living on this planet of free will.


Wow! What a beautiful message from the Nature Angels! As we navigate through all the distractions in life, always find time to find the beauty and serenity that nature offers.

It is within this beauty that we find solace, peace and inspiration.

The Nature Angels must have wanted me to connect with the energy of snowflakes. There is a certain stillness in nature when it is snowing. A hush seems to fall over the area. Allow yourself to feel peace in whichever way you can recall it. 

Even if you may live in an area where you have never seen snow, it is likely that you have seen snowflake cutouts and maybe even have made them as a child. 

If you haven't, being creative help you connect with your inner child. Give it a try. Fold a square piece of paper diagonal into eighths and then cut small holes that are curved or triangular shaped along the inside edges. The folds make mirror patterns. Cut other shapes along the outside edges. Experiment and have some fun.  

As humans we are meant to enjoy, explore, learn and grow in awareness. In our spiritual growth, it is our goal to find the balance in the extremes, the opposite ends of the pole, the highs and the lows. Within this balance is peace. 

As you do this, you will discover that the highs no longer seem as high, and the lows no longer feel as low.  Navigating life becomes more pleasurable but also realize if we didn't have the lows, we wouldn't enjoy the highs as much. If you feel as if you need help in finding balance or peace, please reach out to me. I can help you.

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