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Be your true self, powerful and loving.

The celestial energies have really been active! Besides having the solar eclipse, we have also been in Mercury retrograde. Have you been feeling the energies?

Mercury retrograde is known for a few different things, but one of them is just to slow down during this 3-week time period.

For those who receive my newsletters, I was thinking about the Earth Day meditation I am offering since the beginning of the month and then I was like, oh my goodness, I have to get that newsletter sent out because it's next week! Please excuse any typos and just chalk it up to Mercury retrograde.

There are so many beautiful spring flowers opening right now. The Nature Angels nudged me to talk about the hyacinths. These flowers are in full bloom and are adding bursts of a variety of colors in the garden. Hyacinths come in white, light pink, a darker pink, a fuchsia pink, purple and even peach. There may be more colors, but I have not seen those yet.

They grow a long stem with a number of little flowers that point in all different directions. Of all the spring flowers that grow in my garden, they have the most fragrant aroma. It is quite amazing actually. 

Here's what the Nature Angels would like to say about these beautiful flowers:

Hello most beautiful and powerful human beings,

These lovely flowers are here to bring you joy, support and acknowledgement of your inner strength.  They hold a very high and happy energy vibration. They do grow low to the ground, so you have to get really close to see them. But when you do this, you get to smell their powerful fragrance.

We do use the word powerful because we want you to understand how these tiny flowers can hold such a presence. This is similar to you humans. Each one of you is quite a powerhouse of energy and just by you being you is enough for other people to notice this.

Flowers only job is to receive, be themselves and bring beauty to the world. 

The many individual flowers remind you of all the Angelic help that you have available to you. As the blossoms are first opening, they can appear as the fingers of many helping hands. They're ready to assist you. 

Once the flower is fully open, it brings you the most welcoming hello, as if with arms wide open ready to welcome you and give you a hug.  Remember all of the Angels are always ready to give you a helping hand or a loving hug whenever you ask for it.

 The hyacinth's flowers grow in all the directions reminding you of your energetic field and how it reaches all around you.  Your energy touches others just by being near them. And the opposite is also true. Other people's energy can reach and touch you. 

Please look at this flower image and say, 

I am a beautiful, powerful creation of God.  I embrace myself and unapologetically allow myself to be me. I asked the Angels to surround me with their love and support so that I can be in this energy, hold it and send it out into the world.


Wow! What a beautiful message from the Nature Angels. Be yourself.  We have all probably heard this before. Don't compare yourself to anyone else because everyone is on different stages in their journey. 

So often we try to conform to society's standards. For true happiness, we have to let ourselves be who we truly are, our true authentic self.

Sometimes we have been programmed so much that we don't even know what this means. There are definitions of what it means to be successful. There are an equal or greater number of quotes or sayings about true happiness. 

And there's the one regarding the end of your life that says you can't take any of your worldly possessions with you. It is only what you have experienced in life that you take with you. 

Strive for spiritual growth and gain. We are all meant to grow, learn and evolve but sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves because we have a certain belief in what this means.  

Let's grow a better world filled with love. 

The Nature Angels didn't mention about the color of the flower that was picked for their message this week. 

The violet color is a high vibrational energy that helps transform lower vibrational energies. 

I love that the back of each floweret is blue.  This flower is actually bringing you two energies, the blue connecting you with your throat chakra, your truth, and the violet connecting you with the energy of transformation and forgiveness.

Use this flower image to help you anytime you need it's energy.  If you need help with doing this, please reach out to me. It is part of my Soul's purpose to help you recognize your beauty and to understand the support you have.   

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