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We are part of the whole

The forsythia bush is a beautiful flowering bush that ushers in the spring.

This bush has many branches that grow in all different directions as well as hundreds of flowers that also point in a number of other directions. 

When you look at them close up, it may seem like an organized mess but from a distance, you see a bright sea of yellow. Some people will cut and shape the branches to keep the bush from becoming too big, but they inadvertently reduce the amazing energy that comes from these plants.  Sometimes wild is better.

Here's what the Nature Angels would like to say about these flowers:

Hello most beautiful human beings,

The lovely forsythia bush grows its flowers before the leaves. In her natural state, she can grow quite large, and she brings a beautiful burst of yellow that you can see from a distance, hinting of the summer months that are coming.

The color of these flowers offers you a chance to renew your energy, similar to being in the sun. When you let yourself feel and receive this energy, this motivates you to begin something now. It could be a brand-new idea, or it could be an expansion of something that you've already been working on.

Immerse yourself in this color as if you were standing underneath the branches.  Imagine the energy is flowing around you, over you and through you. 

The word imagine means more than seeing something in your mind. It is also visualizing that it is happening. As you fill up with the energy of this color, please say: 

The many flowers of this forsythia bush radiate their energy out to me, much like the energy of 1000 candles. I allow myself to receive this energy and focus on bringing it to my solar plexus, filling my chakra completely.  As I do this, I feel balanced and empowered and ready to shine my light into the world.


All these small flowers remind me of the many individuals that make up the whole. It's like all of the musicians in a symphony orchestra coming together to make the most beautiful music. All these yellow flowers come together to bring an amazing wave of color for us to experience.

There are times when I love to take close-ups of the flowers to really see and feel their energy and there are other times that I just stepped back to receive the energy of the whole. 

Enjoy all the different colors that the seasons have to offer. If there's a specific color you are drawn to, trust that it is for a reason.  It goes beyond the subconscious and the conscious mind. It is your soul guiding you to what you need. 

If you get a nudge to go in a certain direction, listen to it. It may completely change your outlook on the day or who knows, maybe even something grander. Open yourself up to the limitless possibilities.

Mercury just went retrograde, and the solar eclipse is happening next week. These energies do influence us, some of us more so than others. Be gentle with yourself over the next few weeks.

Connect with the energy of the Earth and allow yourself to go with the flow.  Swimming against the current can be exhausting.

Be open with a curious mind about circumstances that are presented to you. It could be a message of something that you need to embrace or perhaps let go of. 

If you need help with this, please reach out to me. We are here to grow and evolve and sometimes we need someone else to show us the proper tools that can assist us in getting there. 

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02 abr

thank you for the burst of creative energy this morning!

Me gusta
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