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An Abundance of Support

I love the flowering trees of spring. The star magnolia is one of the first trees to blossom where I live.  

The flower petals are so delicate.  The blossoms themselves don't last very long. The color of these flowers brings such a pure energy as the branches extend high into the sky drawing our attention upward.

Here is what the Nature Angels would like to say about this beautiful tree:

Hello most beautiful human beings,

This tree holds an angelic energy. The flower blossoms have a very soft nature about them, and you can imagine that they are giving you a nurturing caress. The petals move so gently when the wind blows them. 

The branches on this tree reach both very high in the sky and also has low branches so that you can really see these flowers at your eye level.

Please look at this flower photo image and say:

I let this pure energy flow through me, much like how the petals flow in the wind. I feel the Divine energy filling me with a calmness of knowing that all is well. I realize that I am always surrounded by the energy and love of the Divine. I go through life taking the knowledge that I am truly supported by the Angelic Kingdom.  I will call on them whenever I need help and allow myself to feel their gentle caress.


What a lovely Angelic message regarding these beautiful trees!

I walked around the tree feeling the beautiful energy, and taking photos from different angles, admiring them at eye level as well as gazing up towards the sky. The flowers remind us to look further than ourselves for help, for answers, for grace.  Ask for help from the Divine.

The individual star magnolia flower has many petals, up to 18 for one flower and the tree has hundreds of flowers. I'm sharing one more photo so you can see how tall they grow, up to 20 feet tall. 

In this eclipse season, as well as whenever you have any concerning issues, ask the Angels to help you. You were not meant to handle anything alone. The many blossoms on this tree remind you the abundant help that available to you. Be open to receive it and know that you are never alone. 

If you feel like you need help with this, please reach out to me. I will connect with the highest and best for whatever situation you would like to be different in your life.

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