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Finding peace and joy.

The Nature Angels surprise me with their flower choices.  I had taken photos of so many different beautiful lilies, but they chose a flower called the gooseneck loosestrife for their message this week.

This plant has tiny flowerets that begin blooming near the stem and slowly moves up the blossom revealing a cascade of tiny flowers. It reminds me a little bit of the butterfly bush flower except that it does have a gentle curve which, when using your imagination, can look like a goose neck. 

I often like to look up the spiritual message behind animals, minerals and flowers. I was wondering about how the name loosestrife came about and learned it came from the Greek for “ending strife,” This flower is one for those who seeks peace or tranquility.

At the time I took the photos, the florets are approximately about a third of the way opened. I'm sure in a few more days they will be fully bloomed.

Here's what the Nature Angels would like to say about these lovely flowers.

Hello most beautiful human beings, 

We chose this flower for our message this week because there are times when you need to feel peace.  We know there is much going on in this world that really could use a truce, an end to the strife.

This dynamic is playing out in different areas around the world. And we ask that you do not focus your attention on what is shown on the news. We ask you to find peace within yourself.

We are sure that many of you have heard the expression, energy flows where attention goes.

Have your attention go towards peace and this is where the energy will flow.

You are much more powerful than you may know, and your thoughts make a difference. Choose to have peaceful thoughts and avoid the bombardment of conflict that the media keeps feeding you. 

Use these white flowers to help you raise your vibration. The shape of them can remind you of a waterfall. Let yourself feel as if you are in the energy of flowing water. Let it wash away any negative thoughts you might have because of what you have seen or heard on the news. 

Some people may think that you have to take action for change, but we tell you that your thoughts and words have power, so be mindful of what you say and think. 

Please look at this flower and say:

I connect with my inner child and remember that there is always a promise for more beauty and peace to come. I happily wave the white flag of truce because I know it does not mean defeat but instead it means peace. I choose to call an end to strife. And where there is conflict within myself, I asked the Angels to help me recognize it and resolve it so that I can walk in the state of harmony. I choose peace.


Wow! That's an uplifting message from the Nature Angels. I liked how they talked about waving the white flag of truce. This flower can look both like a white flag and a cascading waterfall through the imaginative eyes of a child.

For me these tiny flowers connect with the fairies and my inner child. The lily flowers are bigger and more noticeable but our inner child, the small child, notices the littler things which may be overlooked by the adult self.    

Deep down we all want peace. The fighting happens because of a hurt inner child is loudly asking for attention. Listen to what your inner child still needs so that you can have peace within yourself. There is often something still there, even after many years of therapeutic healing. 

Visualize the aggressor standing under the cascade of flowing energy while you wave the white flag.  Hold this image long enough until you can imagine the aggressor take the flag from you to accept peace.

Listen to what your inner child still needs so that you can have peace within yourself. There is often something still there, even after many years of therapeutic healing. 

Pay attention to what comes into your conscious mind so you can recognize and acknowledge it. Find the joy you need to fill your heart.  I'm sure you can think of times when a joyful child, perhaps yourself, was told to be quiet whether in school, at a movie theater, or in your home.

There were times when your joy was muffled. Don't let it be muffled now.

Remember the sound of a baby's laughter is one of the sweetest sounds in the world. Let your joy be the sweetest feeling you can feel. 

If you need help with connecting your joy, please reach after me. With the help of the Angels and Guides, we can help you uncover it.

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