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Growing spiritually changes the world.

I have an exciting trip coming up! I am going on a spiritual sojourn to assist in changing the energy vibration on this planet.

I will be in a different country in a different time zone for a 6-day workshop and then a few days of exploring afterwards.

There will be a thousand people gathering and with the help of all the Angels and Guides, we will be contributing to restore balance to this beautiful planet.

I realize how the more I grow spiritually, the more some people will shy away from me. My daughter had mentioned that I was going to be going away on this trip to a neighbor, and when my neighbor asked me about it, I explained to her that it wasn't for sightseeing, it was for a spiritual gathering.

Her response to me was, "Oh no, don't tell me you're one of those weirdos!"

I do have to keep clearing beliefs that there is something unacceptable with being a conduit or a channel to other higher energies. Reiki is considered a little more mainstream and acceptable. Other healing energies or modalities may cause reactions in some people.

People are afraid of the unknown and they are also afraid of change. They have their memories and beliefs that have been imposed upon them from authority figures in both this lifetime, as well as past lifetimes, and there is also what is held in the DNA from ancestors.

It is perfectly understandable for people to have reactions. The mind has to decide if it is something good or something bad, if it is something they want or is something they are afraid of.

I asked the Nature Angels if they would like to choose a flower photo and give a message regarding this.

They chose the beautiful violet colored dahlia flower and here is what they have to say:

Hello most beautiful humans who are ready for change,

We chose this beautiful flower not only for the color but also for its many beautiful petals and the way that it blooms.

We, the Nature Angels, and all of the Angels and so many Guides and Masters have been bringing energy to help create a shift on this planet.

We have always been helping you to heal all of the lifetimes when you had controlling and limiting beliefs placed upon you to keep you out of balance from connecting to your Angels and your Higher Self.

We are here to help restore your awareness to your own divinity and to once again return to the time when there was so much love and respect for each other and for all of nature and all the animals who inhabit this planet.

Some people will deliberately resist change, and there are people who have been hoping for this for a very long time.

You can help by visualizing the violet energy color of this flower showering over every inhabitant on Earth. This energy, which comes from your crown chakra, will help assist in changing the energies on this planet.

Imagine each petal is a scoop or a garden trowel and you and all the Angels are scooping out and spreading this violet energy in every direction of the Earth.

As you visualize this, please say,

It is time for transformation on this planet. I understand that there is so much unseen help coming in to facilitate this change. I choose to be a part of this. I visualize the violet flame flowing over the entire planet. I gladly assist in this transformation.

We thank you for joining us in helping to create this shift.


Wow! I do remember in my early childhood, my best friend and I were already noticing and talking about how life wasn't fair, especially for women. I remember saying to her, "wouldn't it be great to see a change in this lifetime?"

Well, I am hoping it is! I realize things happen slowly on this planet, but we are also having so much help and support from an innumerable and probably an immeasurable amount of higher vibrational beings.

Besides using the violet fire energy, you can also keep practicing holding your vibration high. This will also make a big difference. We do send energy out in the world all the time. Let it be a high vibrational energy like love, trust, patience, compassion, joy.

If you experience or witness what you perceive as an injustice, have a neutral energy to it. The way we can really help this planet is to not judge people's choices and decisions. We don't get to see the big picture. We don't know what karma people are working on.

Practice forgiveness on all levels, including for yourself.

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