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Love and support always.

I really love what digital photography has given to us. We get to see the details of flowers that we might not notice otherwise. There is so much intricate beauty when you zoom in.

Quite often the first thing I notice about a flower is the color. Where I live, we don't get too many blue flowers so for me, I think they are extra special.

The Nature Angels asked me to do another close-up picture for this week's message. They choose the great blue lobelia plant. They are also called the blue cardinal flower. They have many tiny little flowers that grow on tall stems.

When I looked at the flowers closely, I noticed how the petals look heart shaped, dozens of hearts lining up and overlapping each other.

Here is the message from the Nature Angels about these flowers:

Hello most beautiful and precious humans,

These flowers are heart-shaped, but we ask you to connect with your inner child and perhaps remember when you would draw Angel wings.

Look at these tiny flowers and imagine that each one are Angel wings. When Angel wings are folded together, they do look heart-shaped.

You may ask, do Angels really have wings as they are depicted in the many illustrations that you have seen?

It is your humanness that connects wings with flight because you see that with the many birds. Even flightless birds have wings which they will open and display.

Do Angels have wings? Do they need wings to fly?

The human mind has been programmed with very limiting beliefs. But human awareness has expanded and grown very much recently. You may know that Angels are made of pure energy, so do they need wings?

Angels can bring the energy of what it feels like to have their wings wrapped around you. It is part of your humanness that needs the physical contact. Do Angels have wings? It is really for you to have visualization in your mind to really have the comfort of being held and surrounded within their wings. It is the best kind of hug.

The truth is that it is the energy of the Angels that is surrounding you and bringing you comfort and support.

The flowers that we chose this week do come in several different colors, but the color blue connects you with the truth.

Please look at this flower and say:

I understand the truth knowing that there are so many Angels that are waiting for me to ask for their help and for their loving presence. I let this flower image remind me of all the help that is available to me, and the truth that I am completely worthy of receiving this.


This was another great message from the Nature Angels. I thought they were going to be talking about love and the truth that love is the greatest power, but they talked about the Angels.

Angels are made out of pure love. We are also made out of pure love. When we come to this planet, we are here to experience opposites, which take us out of love and into fear. It is part of the human experience.

The Angels want us to know that no matter what we do, we are still made of this pure love, and we are always loved. It is our humanness that starts creating the judgment. Let this color blue remind you of this truth.

Blue does connect us with our throat chakra, but it is also called our truth chakra. It is not just the throat. It goes all the way up to the ears. When you fill up this with this color blue, you will be able to hear and speak the truth more easily.

Use this color to help you be in your truth.

This even connects to the nose which reminds me of the story of Pinocchio. When he would tell a lie, his nose would grow. We may have been programmed with false beliefs but many stories that we have been given have little truths within them to help wake us up to our truth.

Remember that you come from love, that you are love, and that you are loved. Put this energy out into the world.

With the help of all the Angels, I have cleared so much old programming that was held within me. I realized how much I have always compromised my desires to either please or get along with someone else. This is self- sacrificing and when you do this, your inner child will feel neglected and unheard.

I love blue flowers, because I love understanding our truth. Navigating life can be a challenge, but we do have so many Angels and Guides to help us along the way.

Trust that it will always work out to what you need the most to grow and evolve.

If you would like help in receiving the Angels supportive energy, please reach out to me. I am here to help you. We are meant to live a joyful, happy life.

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