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Realizing all the support around you.

The Nature Angels say these flowers bring us a message of support.

I took this photo of the plumbago flower while I was visiting in Florida. It blooms on a bush that grows in the warmer climates.

I'm always so happy to see blue flowers because we don't have too many where I live in the Northeast.

There are the hyacinths in the spring and the hydrangeas in the summer but not very many other flowers have a true blue color.

This light shade of blue reminds us to be gentle with ourselves.

The Nature Angels bring us this message:

Hello beautiful humans!

Look at this flower photo image and let the color calm you. The color is like baby blue. It has a soothing effect on you.

Imagine you are the center flower surrounded by all the others. This is a small representation of all the Angels and Guides that are always around you.

Let this flower image work on you as you say:

I sense the loving support all around me. I let this knowing bring me calm in all situations. I ask the Angels for help, and I know that they have my back. I let myself feel their support.

We suggest that you to do this every day.


The Nature Angels bring a wonderful message about all the unseen help that we always have around us.

The important thing to remember is that we have to ask for their help since we do live in a world of free will.

I used to have a belief in my conscious mind that my problems and troubles were trivial so that I should not bother the Angels with them.

On the contrary, they are here to help us. We can ask for help with anything. We might not get what we want because it is not for our greatest good but something better is coming along.

Ask for help with gratitude and say, thank you for bringing me the help that I ask for and I trust that I am being heard. I know that it is happening in Divine timing.

Keep being in the flowing fountain of love and you will receive what you need the most.

If you do not get what you hoped for or if you feel stuck, reach out to me. You may have a conscious or subconscious belief that needs to be removed in order to receive what the universe is waiting and wanting to bring you.

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