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Release the binds that hold you.

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Winters in the Northeast can look pretty bare sometimes. All the leaves are off the trees. There aren't any flowers growing. Snow can create a nice winter scene; but this year, we hardly have had any snowfall. There is one tree in the woods near my house that I could see was being strangled by vines that were growing up it. It wasn't as noticeable in the summer when the leaves were growing on the branches, but I could really notice it now. The Nature Angels have been nudging me to do something about this, calling it to my attention, wanting me to help the tree. There is a deep drop off on the property so in order for me to actually get to this tree, I would have to climb down a steep slope. All of the many fallen leaves can make it a slippery path. There are also overgrown bushes including some with thorns that I would also have to contend with. We have been having a mild February in this part of the country with warmer than usual temperatures. I decided now was the time to go into the woods to help the tree. I asked the Nature Angels to help me. The ground is uneven, and I could easily slip. I got my boots on, grabbed the clippers and the heavier pruners and a walking stick. I made my way down the steep slope, clearing a path to the tree by trimming back some of those bushes blocking my way. As I reached the tree, and with closer examination, I could see how many different vines were wrapping around this struggling tree. The vines have probably been growing on it since the tree first started growing. Some were very thick, and some were new ones just starting out. I cut all the different vines that were wrapping themselves so tightly around this tree. In some places it was so tight I couldn't even get the blades underneath them. I had to find a different spot between the tree and the vine to release the grip the vines had on it. I made sure I got all of them. When I was satisfied with the job that I had done, I made my way back, climbing up the slope, and still asking the Nature Angels to make sure I didn't slip and fall. They made sure to help me by letting me see the best way to walk. I felt happy and relieved for this tree. My weekly Healing Circle was held that evening and one of the practitioners mentioned to me about me talking to the trees. I told them about how I had cut back all the ivy off of one tree that was being strangled. I said how I felt really good when I had cut all of the vines the base of the tree and gave it a chance to grow freer and healthier. My friend then pointed out to me that cutting those vines that were wrapping so tightly around this tree was symbolically and metaphorically also setting myself free from the binds that hold me.

Since I noticed how some of those vines were very thick and old, I can imagine that some of the things that hold me back go back many years, perhaps lifetimes. It is time to transform them all. I am cautious about who I share what I do, communicating with the Nature Angels, feeling the energy, bringing healing energy. It's not something I openly talk about. There is still the hesitation. Fears do pop up, fears of rejection, of not being understood by my peers, of alienating myself. I am releasing these fears all the time, but we all do have so many binds that hold us, some that we are completely unaware of and some that we have placed there subconsciously ourselves.

It is good to be observant and to notice how you are feeling. Fears are not entirely bad. In the past, they have kept us safe. I hope this blog post is now giving us the opportunity to ask what is binding us, what is holding us back from what we truly want to do in this life? What is keeping us from pursuing our dreams? Whatever it is, it is usually fear-based. Release the fear. Recognize it for what it is and let it go. Embrace the fact that you are always heard and supported. Your Angels and Guides are always looking for ways to help you and bring you what you want. Remember this tree, struggling to grow as it was being constrained. Ask for help to be set free. Now is the time to let go of what is holding you back and to follow your heart. When you do this, you change your energy vibration, and you create a shift in your reality. Release the binds that hold you. Be free to grow and flourish. If you think you need help in doing this, I would love to help you. Please visit my service page to see what I offer. Let transformation be a beautiful thing for you.

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