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Safely home, held in love.

Updated: Feb 20

My mom returned back to heaven on Saturday. It was a long, slow progressive deterioration from dementia.

My daughter did buy me a bouquet of tulip flowers because she knew this would help me feel better as I watched my mom slowly slip away. It did take her 5 days to return back home.

In our logical minds, we all understand that we will eventually leave this earthbound body to return back to Source.  We know that it's a blessing for this passing as we watch a family member slowly becoming a shell of themselves.

Even so, it is still painful as many memories flood back. I was going through many photos throughout the years to create the digital memory album for the memorial service. 

As I was scrolling through all the pictures over the years, I also saw the hundreds of flower photos that I have taken. It is true that the energy of the flowers is held within the pictures. These photo images helped me feel calmer and more at peace as I searched for photos of my mom and the family.

This photo from the tulip bouquet helps illustrate the message from the Nature Angels and they share this with you.

Hello most sensitive human beings,

The pink tulip connects you with the energy of love that is the vibration of heaven. There is only pure love in heaven. The yellow center of the tulip connects you with Source energy. 

This flower is a perfect representation of when you return back home to Source.  The tulip shows how you are cradled and nestled and held within the energy of Divine love after you leave this physical reality.  These petals can be similar to arms embracing you and holding you secure. 

Honor the grief you feel.  Honor and celebrate the person's life.  Focus on love to help you through times of sadness.  Know that it is not the end, only the end of a cycle and the beginning of something new. 


That was a very beautiful and supportive message from the Nature Angels. They know that life never ends, and it is always a cycle.  Friends were sharing with me that a number of other people also returned back home to Source over the past week or so.   We are starting a new cycle. 

Pluto has moved into the house of Aquarius and will stay here for the next 20 years. This promises big shifts.  Those in control will feel quite uncomfortable and want to resist this.  Those who live in trust and work on finding the balance will see that the change that they have wanted is beginning to happen.   Celebrate this.   This is what we have been waiting for.

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