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The energy of the flowers

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

The Nature Angels thank you for connecting with them! They have asked me to tell you that the bigger you can view these newsletters the better!

I have a tendency to check my emails on my phone, but to get the full effect of the flower photos and their energy, the Nature Angels say to look at them on a larger scale on a tablet, laptop or a desktop. You will definitely notice a difference!

The Nature Angels will be choosing flowers that are blooming right now for the newsletters this month. Soon they will start having fun choosing flowers that bloom at all different times of the year to share with you.

They want you to start awakening your imagination by realizing that there is so much more in the world. Our human eyes only see a small part of it.

And now here is their message for this beautiful flower.

We ask that you look at this beautiful black-eyed Susan. Yes! these flowers come in more than one color! This flower is asking you to come closer.

Bring your attention to the bee in the center of the flower. Flowers nurture bees. Let the flowers nurture you. Visualize you are lying near the center of the flower, resting in her energy. Don't worry! The bee is very friendly and won't bother you.

Let the flaming red color of this flower fills you with passion and courage to follow your heart. Red is also the color of safety and security. It is the color of our root chakra. The bright yellow color of the tips of the flower petals fills you with energy of confidence to be yourself and shine like the sun. Let yourself fill up with this energy by looking at this image and visualize being immersed in it.

Let yourself be open to the possibilities. When you allow for the possibility of this photo image working on you, flower essence therapy, that it is filling you with healing and empowering energy, change will happen. It is guaranteed. Follow your dreams and the true desires of your heart. This is how life is meant to be.

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