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The moon bringing a loving reminder

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Today, I was driving home from visiting my mom at the memory care unit that she lives in. I really don't relish visiting her there because you have to keep a happy face while you're there and this can be hard. Truthfully, you can choose the best memory care unit that there is but in actuality, there is really no ideal place.  

The facility might be wonderful, the staff responsive and responsible but in the end, the residents who live there are the ones that are in all different states of confusion and not understanding. It is impossible not to notice this, and also hear this, because there are outbursts.

If you are a sensitive person like me, you can't help but to absorb this. I always leave there with all sorts of emotions running through me. I put on my favorite radio station on the way home to try to soothe me, but it really doesn't work.

 It is a long car ride home, about 55 miles of highway driving.  I was hoping to see a pretty sunset driving home but not tonight. No spectacular colors, no actual sun.  

As I was driving home with all thoughts going through my head and disappointed that there was no sunset, all of a sudden, some low-lying thin clouds parted, and I saw the beautiful moon rising.  She was very round, not completely full yet but still, it just thrilled my heart when I saw this. The moon was directly in front of me as I was driving.

She would play peekaboo, going behind some low-lying clouds completely and then reemerging within minutes.  I really enjoyed watching this and it lifted my spirits, and I thanked her for letting me have this opportunity to help me feel better.

The moon is all about our inner self, our emotions. I was thanking the moon for letting me see her so full and bright and then I realized that she was also bringing me a message.  She kept hiding behind the clouds because she was telling me not to hide my emotions. Of course, this doesn't mean to be upset in front of my mom when I'm visiting her, but it means to acknowledge my feelings, acknowledge the sadness I feel and then release it and let it go. It is human to feel sad but instead of brushing it off and pretending it's nothing, it is so important to acknowledge this emotion, feel it for a minute or two and then let it go.  

I would have loved to taken a picture while I was driving but I couldn't. When I was home and ready to take the picture, the moon was still appearing to me and then within a minute, she would be ducking behind some clouds again.  Ok, I won't duck my feelings!  The moon always brings us energy every day, an opportunity to us, waxing and waning, helping us fill up and let go.

When we let ourselves connect with Oneness, we begin to realize that we are always being heard and supported.  Today, it was the moon who was bringing me a message and showing me that I am heard and supported.  We always have so much love and support from our Creator, Source, God. Let yourself feel this and you will never feel alone.

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