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The vibrational energy of love.

The Nature Angels kept me waiting for this week's message. I was looking through the many flower photos that I've taken recently, the hydrangeas, the lilies and there was no message coming through for them. 

I can get a little antsy because I usually aim to have this newsletter in everybody's inbox first thing in their morning and this has to be set up more than a day in advance. I apologize to anyone around the world who receives it later in your day.

The ancient Nature Angels in their wisdom were waiting for me to take a picture just yesterday that they wanted to bring as their message today.

I went to visit the rose gardens and took a number of photos of the many different colored roses.  As I looked at the flower photos later, I finally heard the guidance from the Nature Angels saying that this is the flower they wanted to use this week.

It is a beautiful light pink rose. The softness of this gentle color brings a very nurturing, feminine energy. 

Here is what the Nature Angels would like to share with you this week:

Hello most beautiful human beings, 

We ask you to gaze at this image of this beautiful rose. Feel the gentle energy emanating from her. Give yourself a few minutes to be in this energy, allowing yourself to feel and receive the energy coming to you.  Even if you think you can't feel it, you are still receiving it as you give yourself time to gaze at this photo image. 

Please stay in this space focusing only the image and your breath, breathing in and out gently and calmly, until you feel a shift, where you feel more in a place of calm, ease and at peace.

We give you this image as an exercise because we want to show you that you are aways beautiful despite your surrounding circumstances. There are things in this reality that can eat away at your self-esteem, your perception of yourself. 

Outside circumstances, things that "bug" you can cause you to lower your vibration, but it does not change the essence of who you are.  When you are in the loving energy of Source, you are in your Divine nature. We tell you this so that you can realize that you are always like this beautiful flower.

Please look at the flower image and say: 

I realize that outside circumstances cannot diminish who I am at my core essence. I allow myself to be filled with love and support at the times when life has gotten a little bit hard and has gnawed away at my physical and energetic body.  I see myself as my Creator sees me, beautiful and always supported. I ask Mother Earth, the Nature Angels, all my Angels and Guides to help me remember this at the times where I feel like parts of me have been chewed away and lost. I call all of my energy back to me until I feel completely whole and loved. I am like this beautiful flower perfect in the eyes of my Creator. 


Wow! This is a great message from the Nature Angels. I have been writing these newsletters for more than a year and a half and I don't remember if this message has ever come through before. 

I do know how the Nature Angels love to use words as metaphors, and having these leaves that were chewed up by bugs would be a perfect example of what they wanted to tell us today.  There are things that will bother us.

We have been subtly programmed to compare ourselves to others. We have been made to feel insignificant and also unworthy because of this. When we embrace the fact that we are all beautiful in our own way, we have a closer connection of embracing who we truly are. 

Let yourself know that you are a beautiful work of art, unique as an individual and an important part of the whole. And at the times where you feel like you've been chewed up and spit out, whether by yourself or by someone else, remind yourself that you are a precious being always held in love in the eyes of our Creator. 

If you need help with feeling this, please reach out to me. The healing sessions I offer will connect you with the highest and best and bring you the loving energy you need most to help you move through life and with the knowing that you are loved, supported and never alone. 

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