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All the shades of gray.

I took a photography class in college and the teacher told us that the most beautiful black and white photo would have the combination of pure white, pure black, and all the shades of gray, going from light gray to dark gray and everything in between. There are subtle differences between the different shades.

The rose of Sharon is in full bloom. I took some photos of the flowers after a rainstorm and the Nature Angels have asked me to turn this photo into a black and white image. This rose of Sharon has been in my garden for as long as I have lived here, over 20 years. She is at least 10 feet tall. The flower was well above my head when I took the photo.

Here is the flower image and what the Nature Angels have to say about it:

Hello beautiful humans!

The rose of Sharon is a beautiful flower. She comes in several different colors but her center is always a ruby red.

We asked Karen to do this black and white image so that you could really see how translucent the flower petals are.

Translucent means to allow the light to flow through them.

We also ask that you let the light flow through you, the energy from Source.

This black and white photo will also help you to remember that there are so many different shades of gray in between the noticeable black and white.

Having this understanding will help you see things from a different way and let go of judgments.

Please look at this flower image and say:

I receive the wisdom from my Creator. I allow it to flow through me into every cell of my body. With this wisdom I have a new understanding that things aren't always just black and white. I allow myself to see with the eyes of the Angels realizing that there is so much more than the complete opposites. There is everything in between.


This is a great message from the Nature Angels! Interestingly enough, I don't think there is any pure white or pure black in this photo image, only shades of gray.

We humans have been taught that it is one way, or the other. There is even that expression, it's my way or the highway. We are asked to take sides where we really need to understand all the variables. Ask the Angels to help you with whatever situation may arise.

This flower image offers the visual of how the Angels and also our Creator are lovingly looking down upon us.

Here is the picture in color:

The ruby red that is within the center of the flower is always reminding us to return to the center, the love of our Creator who has both masculine and feminine energy. Let the energy of the Divine Feminine fill you up with love.

The Nature Angels also understand that you're going to question them about the rain droplets that are on the flower. This is what they have to say:

Humans may interpret these water droplets as tears. Teardrops are usually connected with sadness, but if you look at this image, you can see how the water is just beading up on the petals.

When you are filling up with the energy of Mother Father God, the sadness will not permeate you because you will be filled with love.

Allow yourself to receive.

I thank the Nature Angels for that continued message. The last flower photo image I am sharing with you is also guided by them. They asked me to take a photo of the sun rising behind the flower to let you really receive the energy of Source coming to you.

If you feel stuck, or if you feel blocked and that you are unable to receive this energy, please reach out to me for a session. I can help you.

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