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Angelic healing through flowers.

I've been surrounded by so many beautiful flowers this past week. I received some lovely flowers for Valentine's Day. My son and his girlfriend gave me an orchid plant to honor my mother's passing and then there were so many beautiful flowers that were given at the wake. I did take pictures of many of these flowers.

Thank you to everyone who sent me such loving and thoughtful wishes. I sincerely appreciate it. Your kind words truly mean so much to me.  With much gratitude, I share with you this week's newsletter.

For anyone who lives in an area where there are cold winters, you probably have seen the amaryllis bulbs that are sold to be put in a pot and then watch them grow and enjoy for their beautiful blossoms as they open.

This year I saw paperwhite narcissus flower bulbs. Normally you plant them early in the winter so that you will have some beautiful flowers around Christmas or in January.

I planted them just about two weeks ago. I expected it to be a slow growth and I was quite surprised when I came back from the funeral and saw that one of the flower bulbs had already flowered! 

I am sure that the Nature Angels orchestrated this so that I would have these beautiful flowers to help me through the sad time of losing a parent.

The Nature Angels as well as all the Angels always find a way to show us that we have their support. 

This narcissus has small flowers, just a little bit larger than size of a quarter.  Their fragrance is so sweet. They are not large and bold like the amaryllis. They are very delicate and sweet and just what I needed. 

Here is what the Nature Angels said about these lovely flowers:

Hello most beautiful and sensitive human being,

This particular flower is full of divine presence. When you allow yourself to feel the energy, you will notice that it feels angelic. 

Each one of the flowers opens up to you and stretches out. Some are reaching for you, and some are bowing down as if they are mourning with you, and one is looking up to the sky to show you to look up to reach the heavens.

These flowers may have been given the name paperwhites but we can also call them pure as the white snow that you love to look at. This energy brings calmness as you stand in the presence of pure nature.

The golden centers bring the energy to remind you of the sweet nectar of life. These particular flowers do not have the large trumpets like their cousins, the daffodils. They speak softly. They remind you to be really gentle with yourself right now. Honor your humanness. Let the flower petals bring you comfort as you notice how soft the petals really are.

Please look at the center flower in this photograph and feel the outstretched petals reaching out to you and bringing you in for a hug.

As you do this, please say:

I am embraced by love, and I feel this energy moving through my whole body. I allow myself to completely relax and melt into this gentle embrace. I stay in this pure energy until I feel completely recharged by all the support that I truly have.  I return to this flower image whenever I need to receive more of this energy.


Wow! I am truly grateful for this message from the Nature Angels. I must admit that I was feeling very tired these last couple of days. By looking at this photo and being in the energy, I feel so much better. 

When the Nature Angels said look up to reach the heavens, they refer to us to raise our energy vibration.   Keeping a high vibration makes all the difference in the world.  

I did do the in-love, love-in meditation last Wednesday.  If you could not attend but would like to receive a copy of the recording, please let me know. I will send it to you. 

For any of you who are struggling, please be in this energy of the narcissus flower until you feel completely surrounded by love and support and know that you are always heard and cared for.

If you need help with overcoming any beliefs that say you do not deserve this love or support, please reach out to me. I can help you clear this.

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You've been on my mind since I read about your mom's passing. I was visiting and caretaking my 94 year old mom the first couple of weeks of February. I really felt it when you said no matter how much it is expected it still brings up emotions. You spoke of looking through old photos for the service. I was going through them at my mother's to put on her electronic frame so she had images of earlier times. So glad you are sharing and processing. Sending some divine mother's love your way. Hugs.


That’s an awesome tribute, joyful sharing, memories and keepsake. Feels beautiful.

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