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Be in Source energy

We have a new addition to the garden this year. The lovely golden yellow crocus plant made her debut.  Over the last few years my daughter started a new flower garden in a different section of the yard. This area was a dry dirt patch where the soil was very hard, and nothing really grew there.

She tilled the soil and has put different plants into the ground. Each year the garden has expanded a little bit more. Not all plants thrive and then with more observation we noticed that in the springtime, when there are no leaves on the trees, this garden gets a good amount of sunshine. It really is a perfect area to plant the spring flowers.  

As the trees develop all their leaves in the summer, this flower garden is now mostly in the shade, and we are learning what won't thrive here and we find the plants that like summer shade.

This metaphor can show how there are certain times of year when everything is just right.  And there's other times when you have to make adjustments. There will always be a time for growth and a time when nothing seems to be happening. In truth, there is always something happening, in the background, behind the scenes or underground, for the world of plants.

You may have heard the expression, bloom where you are planted. This is saying to grow and flourish despite the circumstances or to make the most of what you have been given.

In the plant world we can see both, when something can grow against the odds in an area you don't expect it to or other times when you can also say, "This is not working here. Let's try something different".

Neither is right or wrong. It is just observing and adjusting.

Here is what the Nature Angels would like to share about these lovely crocus flowers.

Hello most beautiful human beings,

These crocuses are bringing the color of the sun to help fill your solar plexus with energy.

We ask you to notice that one flower has been flattened. Look at this image and see how it makes you feel. You may experience something different than someone else as you look at this image.

Does this faded bloom evoke anything? Does it give you the sense of being crushed, defeated, or zapped of your energy?

Or do you barely even notice it as you admire the other flowers around it?

If you hardly notice it and are drawn to the other flowers, you are open to receiving the supportive energy from Source.

In this instance, as you look at the flower image, please say,

I embrace life and move forward with confidence in my journey.  The energy of the flowers fills me the energy of the sun.  Being in this energy fills me with joy. I let myself shine brightly in this world. 

If you are feeling a little low, then we ask that you look at the largest flower in the bunch and visualize that you are in the center of this flower surrounded by its energy.

As you imagine yourself in this golden energy, please say,

I allow this energy to fill me completely until I am overflowing with positive energy. I realize that there is never defeat in anything. It is only something that no longer serves me and is time to let it go.  I always have all the support available to me that I need. As I understand this, I am able to easily move through the different stages of my growth. I let my bright light shine in the world.


That was quite a message from the Nature Angels. Crocuses may be small but like all flowers, they do bring a powerful energy to us.

What is growing in your garden?  The Nature Angels are always trying to bring you a message. Notice what is brought to your attention. There are no coincidences.  Don't actively look because then the ego becomes involved. This is about noticing what you are drawn to without giving it any thought.

Do you see a single flower that has managed to grow and survive against all odds? This flower is conveying and demonstrating a message to you of your own tenacity and ability to succeed against all odds.  

Sometimes you need the color to help balance your chakras.  It can also be the shape of the flower that will actually work on your subconscious mind. 

These crocuses are similar to the shape of tulip flowers where you can imagine yourself in the center of the flower, feeling completely encompassed by it, surrounded within it with its energy moving all around you. 

Doing these short visualizations will help shift the energy within you. Always take the time to fill up with the energy you need so that you can move through your day with ease. When you start to feel out of sync, pause and do this quick visualization to help bring in the energy that you need.

Many of the different flowers work with the energy centers of our bodies. If you need help with something that you have not been able to manage on your own, please reach out to me. I can help you. 

I offer two different types of energy healing sessions, one where I bring through the energy of the highest and best for you, and then also a session where in addition to this energy, the Nature Angels guide me to a particular flower image chosen specifically for you to help you continue receiving the energy for as long as you need it.

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