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Connect with the Cosmos

I was first introduced to the cosmos flower when my friend and Reiki Master teacher gave me some seeds from the cosmos flowers that were growing in her garden.

Since then, I have noticed and admired the many different colors they come in and also the different varieties.

There are ones with double petals and there is also one that is called the seashell Cosmos.

The Nature Angels want to talk about this flower for their message this week:

Hello most lovely human beings,

We do like to show you the handiwork of all the many flowers that we create and that Karen photographs.

This flower demonstrates to you the expansive energy that comes from Source, from Creator.

We ask that you imagine the center of the flower is Source, the Central Sun, and the petals are rays of energy expanding out. Notice how they become larger as they move further away from the center.

This flower image is a three-dimensional representation but imagine this energy is moving out in all directions, in the infinite vastness of the true universe.

When you look at the night sky and see so many stars, you can sense how vast everything is.

Flowers may seem small, even when they grow tall, but they are just as important as every star in this universe, each one bringing you something.

Please look at this flower picture and say:

I am part of the great universe and even though I may seem small, I have a very significant role of being here. I can radiate my energy out and shine my light into this world, just as this flower shows energy radiating out. I let my pure light shine.


Wow, I love that. I let my pure light shine. I smiled after receiving this message because this flower is called a cosmos, and the message today was talking about the great cosmos.

Flowers show us so many things, how to grow, how to receive, how things become rooted, how roots can become entangled, how we thrive when we turn to the sun, and how we are like a flower in many ways.

The Nature Angels bring us so much healing, and they are so encouraging. They truly keep Mother Earth in balance by maintaining everything the best they can, but they can use our help.

As we become more awakened, we are more aware of our responsibility to our beautiful planet and all of the inhabitants.

Looking at this flower photo helps show you how we put energy out into the world. Lower emotions are part of the human condition, so there is no judgment, but we do have the ability to raise these energies.

Sometimes you realize right away what is causing them but sometimes it can be that something has been triggered within you. To transform lower energies, they first must be recognized and understood, honored, and then let go.

Working with the energy of love will help you transform lower vibrational energies.

When you realize that you are an energetic being, you can take responsibility for your own energy.

If you need help with this, please reach out to me. I will help you connect to the energy of love which will lift your vibration so that you can release anything that is not love and then radiate your beautiful light energy out into the world.

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