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Connect with Your Higher Self

Today's flower message is from another iris. I had mentioned in a previous newsletter that this flower is named after the goddess, Iris.

Iris is associated with communication, messages, the rainbow, and new endeavors. The rainbow has been described as being a link to the heavens and earth.

I do have several different varieties of irises growing in my garden. This purple and white one has always been one of my favorites.

Here is the message from the Nature Angels about this beautiful flower:

Hello most amazing human beings,

This particular iris helps you connect with your Higher Self and your divinity. Look at this flower and feel. The colors have a pureness that works quickly on you with your visual senses.

Please look at this flower and say:

I am opening to having a clearer connection with my Higher Self and the Divine. I welcome my Higher Self to help me move through life with ease and grace as I choose to do my heart's desire. I am being safely held by the Divine as I continue on my journey. I have nothing to fear.

The more you work with this flower, the easier it will become for you to feel your connectedness with the universe.


Wow! Another awesome message from the Nature Angels. As a Reiki Master, I understand the significance of the violet color. It is connecting us with our crown chakra.

This particular flower has not bloomed every year and when she did, there were only a few blossoms. Last year I did a complete overhaul on this section of the garden.

I dug up all the weeds that were choking out the flowers. It took me days, but the flowers are blooming like they never did before! It was definitely worth the effort!

This is a metaphor how we need help in clearing out our roots to bloom and flourish.

I am sharing another photo I took to show how not only has this iris bloomed so beautifully, but she also has multiplied. The one or two individual plants has now become five or six.

As you open to expanding, more and more will come to you. Allow yourself to receive. Allow yourself to believe.

If you need help connecting with your Higher Self, you can schedule a session with me or you can purchase this flower from my website.

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