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Declare Your Intention

August 8th, the 8th day of the 8th month. When you turn the number eight on its side, it becomes the infinity symbol which represents unlimited potential.

This day is a very important date in the spiritual community, known as the Lion's Gate. This is when the star Sirius, Earth and the Orion's belt are all in alignment with each other. Right now our sun is in the constellation of Leo. The 2 stars, our sun and Sirius, create a portal of energy to open for us.

The sun is in the sign of Leo giving it the name of Lion's Gate. The energy of Leo reminds us of our worth and asks us to be courageous and not settle for less. This is the time to speak out loud what our heart desires. This portal is opened for 2 weeks, but the energy is most powerful on August 8. This day is also known as the galactic new year.

The energy that is coming through gives a boost to our aspirations, allows us to manifest new ideas, and enhances our spiritual energy by raising our consciousness and brings us great potential for growth.

The Nature Angels have chosen the sunflower for this week's message. These flowers produce huge blossoms with many seeds in each one. The Nature Angels say this is a very good representation for the energy of this auspicious day.

Here is their message for today:

Hello most beautiful and receptive humans,

We do want to help you receive the energy that is coming in. This sunflower will help you. It grows very tall and reaches up to the sky. This energy is always encouraging you to stretch and reach your full potential.

Energy has been coming through to help you to create or manifest something, and shine what you have to offer in this world.

As you look at this flower photo, let the energy of the sun fill you with awareness that you are always supported by all of us, not just the Nature Angels, but also the entire Angelic kingdom as well as your own Higher Self and many Guides and Light Beings.

Please look at this flower image and say:

I allow myself to receive the energy from both the sunflower and the energy that is coming through from the galaxy. I allow myself to shine and roar like a lion. I fill up with confidence and strength with the knowing that I am never alone and that there is so much support from the Universe coming through to me. I allow myself to grow with this energy.


What a great message from the Nature Angels. The sunflower will always connect us with our sun to helps us shine our light into this world. This flower also reminds us of the abundance and the energy that is available to us.

Declare how you want your life to be different. Know that you are worth it.

If you need help with feeling the support, please reach out to me. I can help you realize how much love and help you truly have from your Angels and Guides. The Healing Angel Protocol™ will always connect with the highest and best for you to help you create a better life.

You can purchase this flower or any flower photo that I share in my newsletters or on this website. Having the actual photo will bring you the energy of the flower every time you look at it.

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