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Flowers are here for us.

I often feel conflicted about cutting flowers. Normally I do my best to leave the blossoms in the garden thinking they will last longer. And then there's that little part of me that thinks cutting flowers is hurting them.

I would only cut the ones that were affected by some bad weather, had broken stems or were lying face down in the soil. But then I did notice that most cut flowers last just as long indoors as their outdoor counterparts.

My daughter usually will give me either a live plant or a bouquet of flowers for my birthday. This photo is from the flower arrangement she gave me this year. I know she also has a belief that when you cut flowers, you're cutting off their life force energy.

I decided to ask the Nature Angels to share their wisdom with us about this topic. Here is what they have to say:

Hello beautiful and curious humans!

We have to say that we do chuckle because we want you to know that there is no need for this concern because flowers are here specifically for you.

It is true that some flowers will turn into your fruits and vegetables but there are other flowers here that are just for you. Flowers are meant to bring you joy and healing energies, as Karen often says.

Now we are sure that you have noticed that if you forget to put flowers in water, they will die rather quickly but when you put them in water, they are receiving that nourishment. This is all you have to do to take care of the flowers that you receive. Give them fresh water and appreciate them. Treat them as a wonderful gift.

Enjoy your bouquets of flowers! It is wonderful to have this energy inside your home especially in winter months when there is little to nothing blooming outside for you.

We ask that you please say this as you look at this flower photo:

I am a precious child of God and realize that Creator gives me many gifts to help me on my journey. Flowers are one of these beautiful gifts. I receive these gifts with a happy heart knowing that they are here to help me flourish and grow.

Enjoy the flowers! It makes us very happy when you admire them because after all, we helped them grow. You honor us by admiring our handiwork.


Wow! I love this message from the Nature Angels. I did come into this life with a lot of guilt, including guilt for cutting flowers. Now I can enjoy them and bring them happily into the house more often than ever before.

Flowers are here for us, or to share with someone else. They can help us connect to the memory of a loved one or a special time in our life. They really do carry so many healing properties.

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