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Ignite Your Creativity

There are so many beautiful flowers blooming this time of year. I have the rose of Sharon, zinnias, and lilies blooming in my garden. I asked the Nature Angels which flower image they wanted to use for this week's message, and they chose the Mexican sunflower. This particular beauty is about the size of a daisy.

This lovely flower is a relative to the zinnias as well as to the larger sunflowers which you may be familiar with. They do very well in the heat and are very resilient.

Here is what the Nature Angels have to say about this beautiful flower:

Hello most inquisitive humans,

We chose this flower this week because of its color. Their petals are a most brilliant orange, and it has a bright yellow center. This is a very happy and joyful color.

We have mentioned about chakras in some of our previous messages. This orange flower connects you with your sacral chakra, your creativity center. The yellow connects you with your solar plexus chakra, your will, and what you want to put out into this world. The green leaves always connect you with your heart center.

Heart and soul working together to manifest something wonderful in this world. A beautiful combination indeed.

We ask that you look at this flower photo image and let the colors work on you. You are understanding about how images can really work on your energy bodies. You absorb the energy into your sacral chakra by looking at this picture.

Allow this energy to work on you.

Now please focus your attention to the center of the flower.

The energy of the golden yellow center connects you with your solar plexus and it will help you put out what you want to create in this world.

The one petal on the left has both golden yellow and orange, and it is showing you how the energies blend and merge to work together.

Please look at this flower photo image and say:

I understand that I am a creative being and I create all the time. I choose to create a beautiful reality. I allow the energy of this flower to help me create something that will truly bring me joy and happiness. When I feel joyful, I help others to also feel joy.


The Nature Angels encourage you to create something that will make your heart joyful. You are meant to be happy and do what your heart desires to do.

Working with this flower photo and the different colors will help you achieve this.

I had mentioned how this flower is heat resistant and the expression of lighting a fire to accomplish something came to my mind.

Let this flower help ignite your passion.

If you feel stuck, or as if you are in a holding pattern, please reach out to me for a session. I can help you.

Let yourself have a joyful, happy, and creative life.

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