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Imagination is creation.

The Nature Angels asked me to bring you their message in a different way again.

Last week I looked out the window and saw a colorful balloon in the backyard. It stood out against the white snow. When I went outside to see it, I noticed that there were four balloons all together. 

One of the balloons, a large number 3, had been demolished by some heavy wind. This gave me the clue that these were party balloons for a 3-year-old.

There are no houses near me that have 3-year-old girls in them, so these balloons had to travel pretty far to get to my backyard. 

The largest balloon featured Gabby's dollhouse and measured 30 inches across. It's from an animated TV series that I hadn't heard of before.  

My daughter occasionally babysits for a family of young girls, so she knows this show. Like most children's programs, it is very imaginative.  It's about a girl with lots of smart, friendly talking cats, including a magical mermaid cat.

I thought the front of the balloon said A-ME-ZNG, but my daughter pointed out that it actually said A-MEOW-ZING.  

The Nature Angels will like me to remind you that when something happens or appears out of nowhere, they are bringing you a message.  If a flower pops up unexpectedly, it is a message for you. If something like balloons show up in an unexpected way, it is also a message for you.

This is what the Nature Angels would like to share with you: 

Hello most A-ma-zing human beings,

Balloons from a children's party came to Karen so that she would remember to play more. And please don't worry, the Nature Angels made sure the little girl was not sad about losing these balloons.

The shape of this large balloon could actually look like a giant flower. Or perhaps you could even say it is how a child would draw the sun in the sky.

Karen had read the word on the balloon as   A-me-zing. 


This is a message to say how you humans are doing an amazing job and you should be proud of yourselves. That is why the ME part of the word is so noticeable. You are the one, the "me" to celebrate.

The smaller lavender heart balloon brings a message for you to be in your heart.  The color lavender is a combination of light pink and light blue, so this message is for everyone, not just girls.  Let yourself play and use your imagination.

Please look at this photo image and say:

I allow the playful child within me to awaken. The curiosity of the cats helped me to be curious. I explore life with new eyes, the eyes of a child, so that I can feel the excitement of all the wonders in the world.


Wow! What a beautiful message from the Nature Angels.  I was curious about these balloons and what they meant. My mind was first looking for a deeper meaning, but the Nature Angels' message is simple and profound: be curious and play. This is so essential for our happiness.

I really am amazed by the Nature Angels and how they are able to do things. There are many trees and bushes with branches everywhere that should have prevented these balloons from reaching my backyard. But the Nature Angels found a way to drop them right on an untouched, fresh patch of snow.

Part of my adult self thinks that play means to act like a child, but it really means to reconnect with our imagination. When we do this, it helps us create things.  The Nature Angels encourage us to start creating more. They say to start small so that you can see it is something we can easily do. 

Look at the world with childlike wonder and let your imagination start wandering.  Think of what you would like and how you can make something better.

We do get caught up in habitual routines.

Let yourself try something different. You might actually even feel some resistance in doing this because there is a comfort in having a set routine. But it is really taking away the opportunity for surprises.

Let yourself connect with your inner child and see if there's something different that he or she would like to do today.  Be open to explore.

And keep it simple. 

If you have a feeling to take a different way to an area that you normally go to, follow that nudging. If something is making you run a few minutes late, there could be a reason.

Trust that the Nature Angels are always guiding you.  And they are so very happy when you receive their message. 

When you do recognize a message, please acknowledge it and thank them.  This brings them joy and encourages them to find other ways to connect with you. It is part of their play, finding ways to get your attention. 

Let yourself live a magical and amazing life.

If this message resonates with you but you feel you need some help with play or something else, please reach out to me. 

When I asked the highest and best to come in for you, it could be any Divine energetic being or beings including the Nature Angels.  If they are the ones that can help you the most, they will be there to bring their energy to you. 

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