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Layers of unfolding, with love.

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

I have some zinnia plants that are doing so well this year. They are making flowers that continuously bloom with multiple layers of petals!

The Nature Angels have chosen the pink zinnia flower with a deep ruby pink color for their message this week.

Many rows and layers of petals have opened up but when you look towards the center, you still see there are a few more rows that are waiting to unfold and unveil themselves.

The Nature Angels would like to continue this conversation about this particular flower blossom:

Hello most beautiful and loving humans,

This zinnia flower does bring the message of the many layers that you go through as you open more to your truth and your happiness.

If you look closely at this photo image, you may not notice some of the outer petals are a little bit weather-beaten.

This is just a gentle reminder of the different storms that you have weathered, but you still can grow and open beautifully.

Trust that you will continually open whenever you are ready. Everything does happen in Divine timing.

We ask that you look at this flower photo image and appreciate all the spiritual work that you are doing, everything that is helping you feel peace, love, and happiness as you grow, bloom, and radiate your love into this world.

As you look at this flower, you are being filled with the energy of Divine Mother's love. This happens just by looking at this flower photo, the color of the blossom is working on you.

Let yourself look at the picture and receive, receive the energy of loving support for all that you do.

Sometimes you may think that you don't do much, or that you don't do enough. This is not the case. It takes very little to make a difference in somebody's life, even just a polite hello and smile can make the difference for a complete stranger that you meet at the post office or in the supermarket.

Please say this as you look at this flower image:

I am more than enough, and I know that I am always supported by the Divine Mother as my journey unfolds. I allow myself to become more aware of this and I open to fully receiving the love that is always there for me. The many petals of this flower remind me of the many steps I take as I move through this life. I will take each step purposely, standing within the energy of love.


What a wonderful message from the Nature Angels. love is the greatest power. I was hesitant about using this flower because it wasn't quite perfect, but this does help us remember that we humans are not perfect.

If you look at the green leaves behind the flower, you will see that some of them have been nibbled on by some insects.

This is just a gentle reminder that there will always be things that are bugging us as we move through life, things that are "eating away" at us.

Keep filling up with love during these times. We cannot always receive love from another human being, but we can always receive love when we fill up with the energy of the Divine.

I made a YouTube video that I am sharing here. It goes along with the topic of how navigating through life can be a challenge, and how it can make us feel bad. In this video, I actually do use the word sh!t so I hope I won't offend anybody.

Here is the link for the video.

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