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Love from a different perspective

The Nature Angels have chosen another tulip for this week's message. This particular flower was half the size as the other tulips that were growing in the garden. She was bent over because the thin stem couldn't support her weight.

The deer love to gobble up the tulips so I try to find places to plant them where the deer won't see them.

I thought I found a good place but then I noticed that the area gets the morning sun but then it's in the shade for most of the afternoon. The flowers don't grow as big or as plentiful.

In order for trees, flowers, or any kind of plants to flourish, they need to receive a good amount of sunlight.

This truth is a metaphor for us to realize that in order for us to grow and flourish we also need to get a good amount of sun-light. And not just physical sunlight but the metaphor of connecting with a higher power, the energy of Source. This is why meditation is so important.

Know yourself through meditation but also know yourself, your physical self, and your limitations of how long you can be in the sun. I do not want you to go outside and get a bad sunburn. For fair-skinned people, it is best to be in the sunlight before11:00 in the morning or later in the afternoon after 2:00.

Thank you for listening to me as I went off topic, but the Nature Angels prompted me to add that. And now back to the flower.

I brought the tulip inside and put her in a miniature angel vase. I was amazed that within a few hours, she opened up fully and beautifully. It was a far cry from how sad she looked outside. There is such amazing energy from this small flower! She is happy now!

Here is the message from the Nature Angels about this lovely tulip.

Hello most beautiful human beings,

We, the Nature Angels and Karen, hope that our messages will help all of you open and bloom like these beautiful flowers.

It is very important that you always look at things from different perspectives. Quite often if you only see the tulips from the outside, you miss what is on the inside.

Sometimes tulips will completely open up so you really get to see the center but other times, they stay more in the shape of a chalice.

We ask that you take time to look a little bit closer and to look inside the flower. Here is where you will really receive the benefit of the energy being brought to you.

Immerse yourself in this energy. Let yourself be completely surrounded by it. You can either imagine that the flower is quite large or that you can become quite small and nestle inside of her.

Receive this energy. It is the color of the Divine Mother's love. Love is the greatest power. We are referring to Divine Love. It is hard for humans to sometimes understand because romanticized love is what is always brought to you through the media.

Divine love is unconditional love. Fill yourself up with it. Realize that the love of Creator is always here for you.

Please say this as you look at the flower image:

I allow myself to fully receive the unconditional love that is being given to me. I immerse myself in this energy. There are no strings attached with this love. I fill myself up with this energy daily. I receive it for myself so that I can see through the eyes of love.

We ask that you do this multiple times in a day especially if you are being faced with some challenges.

Love is the highest vibration and when you are in this vibration, it will help you see things in a different way, from a different perspective. Keep filling up with this energy of unconditional love.


The Nature Angels have brought us another message about love. It really is so important to understand this energy.

For me, I have always wanted to send this vibration out into the world, but it is sometimes misunderstood.

I like how the Nature Angels used the term chalice to describe the shape of the tulip. This always reminds me and connects me with the energy of Jesus. He is the Master of love. Receive the energy of pure unconditional love.

I also loved how the Nature Angels said in their message that there are no strings attached. I was thinking about how I gently cut this tulip as I brought her into the house. She was no longer attached and yet she is bringing so much energy to us. Allow yourself to believe and to receive this love that is always here for you.

We have been very much programmed and conditioned by society. I have had to work on clearing so many negative beliefs that I have felt, even with particular words like serve and surrender.

There is so much that is buried in our subconscious that is in a continuous process of coming to the surface to be released and let go. It is so important to let things go and not hold on to them or push them back down into your subconscious. Ignoring them or pushing them back down continues the cycle of patterns that you don't want to experience.

If you think you need help with clearing something that is holding you down or holding you back, please visit my service page to see the different ways I can bring energy healing to help you.

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