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Moving into a new year with love.

Happy New Year! 2024!  In numerology, this number adds up to an eight.  As I have mentioned in the past, when you put an eight on its side, it is the infinity symbol. A new year with infinite possibilities.

You might wonder if there really are infinite possibilities, but that is the human, finite mind thinking.  When you're on a spiritual path, you will often hear the expression open to the possibilities. Ask to be shown the miracles.

The new year brings new possibilities. We are in a new energy. New Year's resolutions are made. The stronger the intention, the more this energy is actually put out into the field.

Think about how strong the energy field is right now with everyone wanting change.  This energy is full of hope and sense of purpose.  Connect with this energy. Ask for it to be carried with you throughout the entire year.

The Nature Angels chose the oleander flower for this week's message.  It is a lovely flower.   I looked up some information about it and I learned that it is a very toxic plant. I wonder if the Nature Angels chose this flower so that we can let go of any toxic energies that are hidden within our subconscious.

This is what the Nature Angels have to say about this beautiful pink flower:

Hello, most inspiring human beings:

We do know how much you want to see change in this world. We have been here all along supporting you and we also desire this change. Mother Earth, Gaia, is ready to hold us in this higher vibration.

It is time to let go of all the toxic energy that has been placed upon you. What you hold on to is felt by all of us.  Let go of that burden and fill up with love. You make the difference.

The pink color of this flower brings in the energy of the love of the Divine feminine.  Notice the way these double blossoms grow. This flower image brings the sense of motion and flow.  We ask that you be in the flow of Divine Mother's love.  

The white center of the flower represents Mother's milk, a nurturing energy that is pouring out for you to receive. Look at this flower and feel the energy of love coming to you and filling you.

All of nature brings you loving energy.  We, the fairies have been given the reputation of being light-hearted and carefree. But we tell you that we care for you deeply as well as everything on this beautiful planet with all of our being.

We are not free of cares.  We are free to care. We are free to care for you and love you unconditionally, just like all of the angelic realms.

Please look at this flower and say,

I fill myself up with the nurturing energy of the Divine. I realize that all life on Earth is precious and all of nature is here to help me. I start this new year with the understanding that this love is always available to me. In times where things become a little rough, I will realize it is just part of my journey and I will keep filling up with this loving energy to help me get through any difficulties I might experience in the year.  

Remember we are always here supporting you.


Wow! What a beautiful message from the Nature Angels about how much they care for us. All of nature is here to help us, and the flowers, especially the pink ones, fill us with love.

The Nature Angels are bringing awareness to us that in times of change, there will always be turbulence. 

I participated in a guided meditation the other day where they were talking about when you are in a boat; you hit some rapids. You will feel turbulence and be jostled around a bit. 

They said that as a metaphor for when you're hitting rapids, you are having some accelerated growth. So don't ever be afraid of this. Embrace it and fill up with unconditional loving energy. 

This is hard for some humans to openly receive. From a very early age, when we started understanding language, we were already learning how to judge and compare ourselves and others.  Conditions were placed on us.

Commercialism has been motivating a good portion of our society.  Instead of looking to outer means for validation, it is time to turn inward and connect with our own inner spiritual guidance. We are divine beings who are completely 100% worthy of the love from the Divine.  Life experiences can have quite an effect on believing this.

it can be very difficult for some humans to be open to loving themselves completely with all of the different programmings they have received. 

Open yourself up to realizing that everything you have experienced is to help you grow, learn and evolve.  Take all your lessons and move forward in life, forgiving everything in the past.

If you need help in understanding a lesson or forgiving something, please reach out to me. 

Be open to receiving the pure unconditional love that is meant for you.

The Angels and Guides are here and waiting to help you. Let this year be one of accelerated growth towards recognizing and owning your own Divinity.   

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Jan 06

I love this shade of Oleander.

Release toxins... That feels familiar.

Karen Crehan
Karen Crehan
Jan 13
Replying to

A beautiful flower with a powerful message.

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