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Our root chakra explained by the plant roots.

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Our root chakra is the lowest chakra of the major chakras, the energy centers in our physical body.  It is located in the area near the base of our spine.  This is where our fight and flight response is held. The root chakra holds our ancestry, all of our memories, all of our fears. This is where we can feel safe and secure or we can also feel anxiety about living in this world.

We come into this life with what our ancestors have experienced. Their fears and their traumas are held in our cells, in our DNA. If you ever have an irrational fear, it is possible that it's not your fear but something from an ancestor or perhaps even a past life that you experienced.  The good thing is we also all the wisdom of our ancestors and the wisdom that we have learned from our past lives stored in our DNA. 


People can carry fears all their lives and don't understand that it is something that they can actually clear with the help of others by using different healing methods, but most importantly, we have to want to receive the help.  There is a tremendous amount of help available to us, both in the physical world and also the unseen world, with our Angels, our guides, even our star families.  

The Nature Angels have said the best way for us to really understand how deep these fears can go is to use plants to demonstrate how the roots work, how long roots can grow, and how they get tangled into the roots of other plants.  I have made a short video demonstrating this is on the home page of my website. 

If you've ever tried to pull out a dandelion you know how hard it can be if you don't first loosen up root. If you just try to pull it out, it can break and leave all, or part of the root in the ground and then it will grow back again. 

This helps us understand why when we can think that we have cleared a fear out of our psyche and then it seems to come back again.  There are many layers, levels that need to be healed. 

Every memory we've had since childhood is stored in our root chakra. When we were young, we could be overwhelmed by a situation that we were experiencing, or something we were witnessing.  We couldn't handle it then, so we stored it away to process at a later time.

When some unhappy or unpleasant memory comes to your consciousness, that means it is time to be cleared. Don't push it back down again. Acknowledge it, work through it, forgive it, let it go.

If you are triggered by something, dig deeper to see if you can find the root of it. When you are aware that you are being triggered, you have access to the means to clear it.  We do have the ability to process, to release, to forgive, to let go.  

As I mentioned, a bit of the root of something might still be held in our subconscious mind.  And also, just like when the wind, (the wind is symbolic for our thoughts) can bring a seed that will land near a plant and start to grow, our thoughts can plant a new seed into our conscious mind. 


This can be something that a family member or friend said to us or something we heard.  If we don't process these thoughts, the seed quietly works its way in and starts making a root and take over the space, growing bigger.  Weeds can completely take over the space of a flower and the flower has to struggle just to survive.  Negative thoughts and beliefs will take over our happiness until it is a struggle to even find joy.

The Nature Angels want you to know that you are not alone and that there is help all around us. We just have to realize this. It's something that we're not taught in school. It is something we have to learn to choose to do.  We have been given the gift of free will.  We have the choice to choose love.  The journey is to find our way from fear back to love.   

Love yourself, love Mother Earth, love nature because nature will always help you heal. The Nature Angels are waiting to help you.  Choose to be free of the old bonds that hold you. Let go of the past so you can truly move forward to experience your life to the fullest.   Bloom and grow.

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