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Potential and Abundance

The Nature Angels have chosen the hydrangea flower for this week's message. These plants produce huge blossoms with many flowerets in each one.

This particular hydrangea bush grows very tall and reaches for the sky asking you to do the same thing.

Some flowerets have three petals, and some have four. If you look closely, you will see that the some of the flowerets with four petals have formed into a heart shape which is bringing you a message of love. You may need to view the photo on a computer screen or a tablet. It might not be noticeable on a cell phone.

And now, here is the Nature Angels' message for today:

Hello most beautiful and delightful humans,

This photo shows the many individual flowerets and also many buds that still have not opened yet. This is showing the abundance that is always there for you.

The many buds show you the potential of the energy coming through waiting to be utilized.

The flowerets have colors of a pink, fuchsia and ruby in them. Working with this flower image will help you create with both your heart, and your intuitive nature.

Imagine that each individual floweret is bringing you a different aspiration, a different idea.

Please look at this flower image and say:

I fill up with the truth that I am a creative being. I am here to both give and to receive in this world. I allow these flowers to remind me of the abundance and potential of my nature. I open my heart to receive fully from the universe so that I can use this energy to create and share what I have to offer in this world.

We promise you that you will enjoy creating with your heart and the energy from the heart of Source.


Wow! What a beautiful message from the Nature Angels about potential and creating. These flowers really do have an expansive energy within and around them.

The little flowerets remind me of butterflies taking off and flying. Let the transformation that is available to you happen. If you have troubles with this or feel stuck, please reach out to me. I can help you find the transformation that you are seeking.

Hydrangeas do come in different colors as do so many other flowers. I do offer readings for you. If you notice a flower that is calling to you, you can ask me why. Every flower has a unique message. Visit my service page and get a message for the Nature Angels to find out what a particular flower is telling you.

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