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Shine your unique light into the world.

Spring has sprung! That expression is always a little funny, but it really is true. In a matter of days, I have a hundred or more daffodils blooming in all different sizes and in a variety of color combinations of yellow and white.

Most daffodils will open up what seems like overnight to shine their beautiful energy into the world.

I also have another daffodil that grows in my garden. It was planted here by the previous owner and whenever I see it, I'm always a little bit curious about it. The Nature Angels choose this specific flower for their message this week.

I don't think it's the prettiest daffodil in the garden. It does not look like the regular daffodils. The flowers are fluffier, and sometimes it's a messy fluff of bright yellow petals clustered together with a few bright green petals mixed in. I was happy for the opportunity to learn more about these flowers.

I learned that these daffodils have been around for the last four centuries and are often found in old American gardens. They were named after the person who first documented them in 1620. This flower is called the Van Sion daffodil. The flower bulbs were carried over to America from Europe.

These bulbs are quite hardy. The native American Indians spread these flowers throughout the country as well as the freed African American slaves. This flower is found in many parts of this country as well as around the world. It has touched the hearts of many.

There really is no other flower out there exactly like this one. I learned that the amount of green in the petals depends on the weather conditions so every year, the flowers will be slightly different.

And now here is the message from the Nature Angels about these daffodils:

Hello beautiful humans,

This flower brings you the energy of your sun. It might look like a disarray of uneven flower petals, but it is really quite powerful.

Look at this image for a few minutes to receive the energy. The human eye cannot gaze at the sun for any length of time, but you can easily gaze at this flower. Feel the energy pouring out of this flower to you.

The petals grow and open in a way to express movement. This image helps the energy to move throughout your entire physical body. The green in the petals helps ground you to the Earth.

Please say this as you look at this flower image:

I allow myself to receive the energy of the sun while I am completely connected with the earth. I breathe in this energy and allow it to flow through my entire body. I fill up with the energy of confidence of my own personal power. I embrace my uniqueness as I shine my light into the world. I trust in my ability and the knowingness that I can accomplish what I choose to do.

Fill up with energy every day.


Wow, I have a whole new appreciation for this flower! I love how the Nature Angels say to embrace your uniqueness and shine your light into the world! These flowers really are unique and even if they may not be the classic beauties, they are truly beautiful and no two are exactly alike.

This daffodil brings you the fire energy of the sun to fill your solar plexus. The color boosts your self-esteem and helps you to step out into the world. The green connects you to both the Earth and your heart to help ground you to accomplish what you truly want to do.

Fill up with the confidence and trust to shine your light into the world.

If you would like to receive this energy on a grander scale, you can visit my gallery to purchase a larger print of this flower.

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