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Spring is here! Be delighted!

Happy first full day of spring! or autumn if you live in the Southern Hemisphere! It is true that there are certain days that bring extra energy and opportunities to us. In the Northern Hemisphere, spring arrived yesterday at 5:24 PM New York time.

The area where I live received a full foot of snow last week. I did have a number of crocuses popping up out of the ground. The temperature has been too cold for them to actually open. I wondered how they would do buried underneath all that heavy snow.

I am very happy to say as the snow melted away, the flowers were still standing and when the temperatures warmed up to the 50s, they opened! I took a number of different photos. The Nature Angels chose this particular one because it is such a joyful looking image.

Here is the message from the Nature Angels about these flowers:

Hello beautiful humans!

Happy spring or happy autumn to wherever you live in the world! We, the Nature Angels, are very in tune with Mother Earth, Gaia. This is a special time, and these crocus flowers are a perfect symbol of the spring.

Karen was actually questioning whether she should use crocuses again. She was concerned that this was the third time we were using these flowers for our messages to you. We are always helping her get over her doubt and to release old programming. Yes, we tell her! Each message is different!

Karen has made a few videos of how the vibration of the flowers can actually be translated into musical notes when you use a special instrument that was designed and created in Italy.

If these crocuses had voices for your human ears to hear, you would hear them singing! By just looking at this photo and the way the flowers are opening, you can imagine that they are singing, and as you would say, at the top of their lungs.

These crocuses are truly singing the arrival of spring.

Now, we are aware that there are thousands of flowers all around the world in different countries that also do the same thing. We also know that there are florists who grow flowers now that would naturally grow during a different time of year. We think it is all wonderful!

Flowers are here to delight you. They are here to attract the birds and butterflies that also delight you and encourage you to fly. Let yourself be delighted by all the beauty in the world.

We ask that you look at this flower photo and say:

I let myself feel the joy that these flowers are expressing. I realize that they are here to help me live life joyfully as I go about the lessons that I am learning on schoolroom Earth. I turn to the flowers to help soothe me, nourish me, and lift me up. I receive the energy they bring me with an open heart. I let myself be delighted.


Wow! What a great message from the Nature Angels as we celebrate the equinox! Many humans have gotten out of sync with the cycles of the planet. There are a lot of energies coming in to help balance us. Let yourself receive these energies.

Please say, I allow anywhere that feels out of balance in my body to be balanced now with the energies that are coming in. I embrace both the darkness and the light, with love.

I do want to also add that February and March have had many cold days where I live, and these flowers have just patiently waited to bloom. They were buried under at least two different snowfalls and survived freezing temperatures.

This is a message to never give up. If you feel like you have a tremendous weight on you, ask for help from our Creator, Source. Let your burdens melt away. Fill up with the energy of trust. Fill up with the energy of love. Have faith that when you do this, you are creating a change in the world. Believe.

If you need one of my flower photos to help you feel and receive energy, please visit my services page to learn more.

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