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Start Our Smile

This has been quite a week for some wild weather.  There was the snow last week which soon disappeared from torrential rains and high winds on Tuesday.  I did make a snow angel before it all washed away.

Then again Friday evening, another storm came ripping through the area.  Luckily for me, the temperatures had warmed up so that with both storms, it was just heavy rain.  If it would have been cold temperatures, these would have been two blizzards.

The weather is reflecting what is going on in the world. All three of these storms, at least in my area, happened overnight. This indicates that it is the collective unconscious that is rising up and releasing energy. Unconsciousness because most of us are sleeping at this time.  We are releasing without feeling the suffering.

On Saturday, I was in the kitchen half listening to the radio.  The song, Message in the Bottle was playing. I heard the words: I'll send an SOS to the world.

At the same time, I looked out the window and I saw that one of my rainbow catchers was reflecting the sunlight in such a way that it reminded me of Morse code.  I was watching the light flickering while listening to words, send an SOS to the world. The Nature Angels told me that this was the message they wanted to use in their newsletter this week.

They have chosen another tree photo that I took the day after it snowed and before the next storm.  

The sun was rising and if you look at the photo, you'll also see one of the Nature Angels let itself be captured by the camera for us.  They do this to remind us that we are not alone.

Here is what the Nature Angels would like to talk about this week:

Hello most beautiful and amazing human beings,

We do acknowledge that many of you are going through some very rough and challenging times.  One day you may feel good and then the next day you might feel completely exhausted or frustrated and wonder what is going on.

We say that this is all part of the energy shift happening on the planet.  The old energy must rise up and be purged in order to be released. 

The Earth herself must also release the energy that she has absorbed as the many humans have been releasing so much emotional energy. 

It is very necessary to feel your emotions as they rise up and to acknowledge them and let them go.  Energy that is just released without intention is absorbed by Mother Earth.  You can help the Earth by intentionally sending the emotion back to Source, back to Creator. 

We want to let you know that there is no judgment and that all of nature is here to support humans and all of the Nature Angels are also here to help you grow and evolve and become the higher versions of yourself.  

Please look at this photo and say:

As an emotion rises up that is either triggered by someone else or by an old memory, I do not push it down again. I release it and let it go. I return it to Source, to my Creator. I allow the image of this photo to help me let go of any unpleasant emotions that I am feeling. I fill up with the truth of knowing that I am always supported and greatly loved. I allow the pure innocent child that lives within me to feel safe enough to express old hurts so that I can help release them, lovingly, out of my human vessel. As I do this, I help all of humanity.


Wow!  What a beautiful message from the Nature Angels!  It's good to hear this so that we don't think that there's something wrong with us. 

The Nature Angels want us to know that we are never alone.  When you are feeling lonely, connect with nature. You might have a fur baby who will also let you know that they are always here for you. 

As humans, we do crave human companionship.  Sometimes we can do this just by giving a kind word or helping hand to a stranger. You never know the difference you will make. 

This week, I have been partaking in a 7-Day healing prayer meditation. The person who leads it tells us the first thing you do is put on a smile.  He then elaborates and says what smile stands for:

Start minternal love engine.

Realize the powerful love force that you really are and start your day with a smile. Activate that love engine that lives within you.   The more we let go of old, sad stories, the easier it will be to smile and shine our light into the world.

The Nature Angels also asked me to point out in of the image they gave of themselves, that you can see there are pink wings. I hadn't really noticed it in the picture until they called it to my attention.

Know that you are always surrounded by love. Let yourself feel the love. 

If you feel that you have difficulties in doing this, please reach out to me. We do have layers and layers of unconscious memories and beliefs that can hold us back.  Let's change the meaning of SOS to Start Our Smile.

When I give a healing session, I ask for the highest and best to come in and help.  They will help remove what is ready to be let go of easily so that you do not have to feel extreme emotions in the process.

You know when something has been truly released when there is no longer any kind of charge, trigger, or reaction to a situation.  There is just a neutral observation.  Where there is love, there is peace.

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Jan 16

Karen and the nature angels thank you so much for the beautiful image and message. This sentence in particular was perfect for me today..."One day you may feel good and then the next day you might feel completely exhausted or frustrated and wonder what is going on"

And the nature angels with pink wings was a delightful gift! Thank you.

Karen Crehan
Karen Crehan
Jan 16
Replying to

I'm so happy to know that this message resonated with you. I also have been feeling the highs and the lows. I'm learning to ride the waves. 😊🏄

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