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Surrender to your Heart

The Nature Angels know that I have still been feeling the effects of COVID. I have to be honest and say I was actually a little bit concerned about writing this newsletter. Sinus pressure has been giving me both a headache and also the need to just want to sleep. Medication helps temporarily.

The Nature Angels told me that there is nothing to worry about because the messages for the flowers come through the heart not through the head.

They chose a beautiful peony flower that truly is the embodiment of the Divine Mother and the divine feminine.

Here is their message for this stunningly beautiful flower:

Hello most precious human beings,

Karen caught Covid to help clear old beliefs that have congested her. Sleeping will actually help release these things in an easy way. Karen has specifically asked us to make her lessons as painless as possible. No proverbial 2 X 4 for her.

This peony flower brings you the most welcoming and gentle invitation to be with the Divine Mother. She calls you in to rest here and to fill up with her love.

Please look at this flower and say:

I accept the welcoming embrace of Mother God. I rest in the center near her heart, and I am comforted. I stay here for as long as I need to and let the energy of the Divine Mother move into every cell of my body from head to toe. I fill up with this unconditional love until I am overflowing with this energy.


What a beautiful message from the Nature Angels! They make me smile. If you haven't heard the expression, the proverbial 2 by 4 is a piece of wood, 2 inches by 4 inches that is used in building.

If you're hit with this, it is like being knocked on the head as a big wake call. I have had enough painful injuries, sprained ankles and wrists, throwing my back out, bumps on the head, etc. in the process of transforming old thoughts and patterns and beliefs. I surrender to the letting go without the getting hurt anymore!

Back to this amazing flower and its backstory. This peony flower is growing in the garden on the grounds of Locust Grove estates. They have beautiful gardens that are open to the public with so many amazing flowers and trees.

If you have visited my website, you know that I have an Etsy shop where I sell rainbow catchers. I'm so happy to share that I am actually selling my rainbow catchers in the lovely gift shop in Locust Grove estates. It is a hope and dream I had for years, and it came true all very synchronistically. When you surrender your ego and follow your heart, the magic happens.

I delivered some of the rainbow catchers and then I went outside to admire their garden. I was completely amazed by the quantity and beauty of their flowers. It takes your breath away. They have rows and rows of peonies in all different varieties. There are so many happy fairies that live here, and it reflects in the beauty. You receive so much loving and nurturing energy when you visit with the flowers.

While I was there, the locust trees were also flowering. They are huge trees, but they do have some branches that hang low so that you can see their tiny flower blossoms. As their flower petals were gently falling to the ground, they were also bringing a message of letting go.

If you use your imagination, the flowers can look like little fairies. I am sharing another photo with you.

There is so much beauty and love from nature. Be open to receive it.

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