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The energy trail we create.

Fairies do play a sacred role to Mother Earth. They are here to help her, and they are here to help us.

International fairy day is a day to do something special, whether it is fun or something sacred.

We are all interconnected. We all play a vital role. What we do matters.

Honor yourself for all that you do, no matter how big or small it may seem to be.

The Nature Angels have chosen a columbine flower for their message this week.

Hello most amazing humans willing to transform this world!

This columbine flower looks very different from the front than from the side.

Scientists will tell you that this flower developed these very long "spurs" to help feed certain moths with very long proboscises.

This may be true, but we are using the visual image to help you see the impact you make on this world.

Imagine the flower is like a comet showing you the trail that you leave as you move through life. You leave energy wherever you go. It is like the butterfly effect. What you do can be felt around the world on a subtle level.

Why is this important to know and how does it help you?

It shows you how important it is to keep your energy vibration high. You send this energy out into this world, and it is felt by others. The energy you put out in the world will also be attracted back to you.

This understanding will help you get through the times that bring you a challenge. Holding a higher vibration, a positive attitude, will help you move through life more easily and with less discomfort.

Please look at this flower and say:

I choose to send positive energy out into this world. I understand the importance of what I do. I choose to create a shift on this planet that benefits all of us, Mother Earth and humankind. I realize that as I do this, I also help myself grow and evolve.

When you feel your energy lowering, please look at the front, the beautiful face of the flower, and fill up with both love and confidence in yourself. Call on the energy of the sun to assist you. This flower will help you connect to it.

We thank you for the help that you choose to give on this planet, and we will always help you in return.


That was a beautiful message from the Nature Angels!

For me, I was thinking the flowers look like they were almost flying, like getting a visual image of what a fairy could look like if you took a picture when they are flying.

But really, it is all energy, and with energy, there is always movement. Let your energy move you in the direction you want to go.

Become more aware of the ripple effect that you make.

If you feel like you're stuck, or not attracting what you want in your life, there may be blocked energy or an old belief that is holding you back.

Please visit my service page to see what I can do to help you.

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