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The healing energy of the amaryllis flower.

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

The universe is always bringing us gifts. We may just not always recognize it.  Anytime we receive something unexpected, this is a gift from our Creator. Nothing happens by chance, and it really isn't luck.  It is love. It is God, Source showing us that we are truly loved, appreciated and looked after.

Sometimes we actually may overlook the gift that is being sent to us. Sometimes we may take it for granted.  Sometimes we might say, well, that was weird or that was unexpected. Instead, we should say thank you. Thank you for giving me this gift!

The gift we receive is usually something that we need help with at that particular moment in time.   

I would like to share with you about my amaryllis flower that just bloomed.  I had several amaryllis plants last year that all bloomed. There was a pink one, a red one, a red and white one and a pure white one.  

With the amaryllis, after she flowers, all the leaves and stem dry up, and you trim them down and let them go dormant.  In this case, I had two of the plants keep one very long green leaf for an entire year. I would water them.  Finally, one plant's leaf dried up and I trimmed it back. The other one held on to its leaf that was more than a foot long. The bulb actually gets the nutrition back from the leaves so you don't want to just cut the leaf off.  You want it to return its nutrition back to the bulb so that the plant will flower again next year.

This long leaf finally started to dry up and I cut it back.  Within a day, a new stem started to grow! I watched it slowly grow taller and taller every day until it was a at least a foot and a half tall and then it budded!  I was excited to see what color this would be because I really didn't remember. It was the pink one! The universe was bringing me the color of Divine Mother's love.  Creator knew that this is the energy that I needed.  I have been taking care of my mother who has Alzheimer's, and my energy was very drained.

The first flower opened on Valentine's Day! These flowers don't open all at once. They open one day at a time.   The blossoms are very big, and they do take 24 hours to fully open.  I realized that these flowers were a gift to me from the universe. The Nature Angels helped the flower grow and I was really quite astonished by the timing!  Everyone knows how much flowers cost on Valentine's Day!  

I received some beautiful healing energy from this plant.  The flower blossoms are just so beautiful that you can't help but look at them and when you are looking at them, you absorb the energy, and in this case, the energy of love. 


The Nature Angels gave me some visualization exercises to do in order to maximize the healing energy from this plant.  They pointed out to me about how the four flowers are growing in the four directions, north, south, east, west. They reminded me how this energy of love is pouring into me from every direction. I just have to allow myself to receive it.  

The flowers themselves are almost funnel shaped so the Nature Angels told me to visualize the pink energy pouring into me through the funnels. They also told me that the stamen and stigma curl up in a way to draw me in to the center of the flower.  I let myself visualize that I was nestled inside the center of the flower surrounded by this energy. 

The Nature Angels want me to share this with you and invite you to do this visualization with the images. They give me the gift of putting the energy of the flower within my photos so that it will be there to share with anyone who looks at the photos and wants to receive the healing. 

Look at the flower. Work with it. Receive the healing energy.   

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Cristina Iurco
Cristina Iurco
2022년 2월 25일

Thank you Karen for writing and sharing this with us, sending you much love ❤️

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